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Which NBA teams actually have 2017 1st round draft picks to trade?

Can the Suns score another 1st rounder in this year’s draft?

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With all the trade speculation going on and many fans hoping that the Phoenix Suns can get another 1st round pick (or two) in this year's draft, I thought I'd track down which teams do and don't have picks that could be available in a trade. This article only covers first round draft picks in the upcoming 2017 draft.

Teams with no 2017 1st rounders or that can't trade their 1sts

There are six teams that do not have a 1st round pick this year. Those teams are Cleveland (traded to Portland), Golden State (traded to Utah), L.A. Clippers (traded to Toronto, top 14 protected), LA Lakers (traded to Philadelphia, top 3 protected), Memphis (traded to Denver, top 5 protected) and Sacramento (traded to Chicago, top 10 protected, and Philadelphia owns the right to swap picks with Sacramento if it lands in the top 10... more on this pick later).

Then there eight teams that have just their own 2017 1st round picks but cannot trade them because NBA teams can't trade 1st round picks in consecutive years. Those teams are OKC (2018 1st round pick already traded to Utah), Brooklyn (2018 1st round pick already traded to Boston), Miami (2018 1st round pick already traded to Phoenix), Minnesota (2018 1st round pick already traded to Atlanta), New York (traded 2016 1st round pick to Denver), Houston (traded 2016 1st round pick to Denver), Dallas (traded 2016 1st round pick to Boston) and Washington (traded their 2016 1st round to Phoenix).

So if you think that the Suns could or should work out a trade with any of those 14 teams, forget about getting a 2017 1st round draft pick back as part of the trade. They all have only future 1sts available to trade.

Teams with 2017 first rounders they can trade

There are ten teams (including Phoenix) that have a single 2017 1st round pick that they can trade. Those teams are Atlanta (their own), Boston (their own with the right to swap picks with Brooklyn), Charlotte (their own), Detroit (their own), Indiana (their own), Milwaukee (their own), New Orleans (their own), Orlando (their own), Phoenix (their own) and San Antonio (their own).

The gem of this group would be Boston's pick as it is essentially Brooklyn's pick which should at a minimum fall into the top 5. Good luck prying that one away from them because I think the only way they trade it away is for another star player which the Suns don't have. I would not be shocked to see them offer that one to Atlanta in a possible bid for Paul Millsap. The Celtics are looking to upgrade their roster now, not for the future, and Atlanta seems to be on the verge of blowing up their team and starting over. Out of this group I'd bet that New Orleans and/or Orlando might be the best teams to target for a trade that might bring back their 1sts in this year's draft. They both want to get back to the playoffs and may want that bad enough to trade their picks for more immediate help rather than waiting for the draft to try and get help for the future.

And finally we have six teams with two 2017 1st round picks. They are Chicago (their own & Sacramento's top 10 protected pick), Denver (their own & Memphis' top 5 protected pick), Philadelphia (their own & the LA Lakers' top 3 protected pick), Portland (their own & Cleveland's unprotected pick), Toronto (their own & the LA Clippers' top 14 protected pick) and Utah (their own & Golden State's unprotected pick).

Of this group probably the easiest picks to get would be the least valuable, the picks of Cleveland and Golden State which belong to Portland and Utah respectively. They may be the least valuable since they will all fall near the bottom of the draft order but at least they are sure things as they have no protection on them. The Memphis pick that Denver owns is a pretty safe bet since it's only top 5 protected but it should fall somewhere around 20-24 if Memphis keeps playing as they have been. The Clippers’ pick (top 14 protected) is also probably a fairly safe bet but if the injury bug continues to bite them for the rest of this season then there’s a slight chance that that one might not convey.

There are some potential gems in this group as well and the best two belong to Philadelphia. They have not only their own pick (which presently is #3) but also the Lakers' top 3 protected pick. Of the two I'd say that the Lakers' pick (yes the one that the Suns traded away... but there's no need to dig up the corpse of that dead horse to beat it again) is the most valuable. The Sixers' pick is also valuable but I doubt that it will stay as low as it is now. Ben Simmons (remember him?) is possibly going to be playing by the end of the month or in February and I just think that they can't continue to be quite as bad as they have been with Simmons finally on the court. The Lakers however probably aren't going to get much better or much worse this season so I doubt that top 3 protection is going to matter when draft day rolls around (unless they get lucky with the lottery ping pong balls).

Then there is the Sacramento pick that Chicago owns. It is top 10 protected and if it doesn't convey this year it turns into Sacramento’s 2017 second round pick (protected for selections 56-60). And if it doesn't convey to Chicago then Philly has the right to swap picks with Sacramento. If it does convey to Chicago then Philly gets nothing. Sac is right on the edge of getting the eighth playoff seed in the West so it's very possible that the pick will fall somewhere in the 12-16 range. But this is Sacramento we're talking about so it's very possible that they could collapse sometime during the rest of this season and wind up keeping that pick. Trading for this one is a gamble but not a bad one.

Where does that leave us?

Well, there obviously are some 2017 1st round picks that can be traded for but only sixteen teams (including the Suns) have one or more that they are able to trade. As this year's draft is supposed to be a really good one, I doubt that many teams are going to part with one easily but it really depends on a team's situation and what you're willing to give them in exchange for it.

Getting another 1st round pick in this year’s draft might not be too hard if the Suns are willing to settle for a late 1st round pick. But I think that the odds of the Suns getting another lottery pick in this year's draft back in a trade are pretty slim... but not completely out of the question.

All draft pick information is courtesy of Real GM.

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