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Final Score: Phoenix Suns Upset San Antonio Spurs; Win 108-105

The Suns ended their international “home” stand against the Spurs with a win

NBA: San Antonio Spurs vs Dallas Mavericks EFE-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns went with the expected lineup of Eric Bledsoe, Devin Booker, T.J. Warren, Marquese Chriss, and Tyson Chandler to start the game.

The San Antonio Spurs also went with the assumed lineup of Tony Parker, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Pau Gasol.

First Quarter

The Spurs strike first with an Aldridge jumper over Chriss. But the Suns hit their first shot with a Booker bomb from three...picking up right where he left off against the Mavs.

Next, Warren scores, then Bledsoe, and then a dunk by Chandler off a a feed from Chriss, and now the entire starting unit is already involved in the first handful of possessions. Nice start by the Suns as they go up 9-4. Timeout Spurs.

A couple of sloppy possessions follow on both ends, but the Suns are still holding serve.

However, a foul by Warren on Manu Ginobili as he shoots a three, and then a steal by Dedmon on Chandler that leads to a fast break score, and the Spurs have now tied it, 11 all. Timeout Suns

Chriss stops the bleeding with a beautiful jump-stop, baby-hook in the paint.

Chriss would have had a nice fast break, but Ginobili draws the charge and sends the rookie to the bench with his second foul.

Chandler clean up dunk off a Warren miss. Suns tie it up 19-19. Warren scores again of the other end to put Suns back up by two.

Tony Parker hits a three at the end of the shot clock...of course. Spurs back up by one.

Tyler Ulis and Dragan Bender both check in for the final minute of the first quarter.

Beautiful feed from Leandro Barbosa to Alex Len...He was the first guard to sub in tonight instead of Brandon Knight...and plays like that may be a reason why.

Barbosa drives in again for another score...beep-beep.

Ulis takes the final shot of the quarter over the outstretched defender and it looks good, but rattles out.

Suns and Spurs tied 25-25.

Second Quarter

Eric Bledsoe hits a three to start the second quarter for the Suns.

Bledsoe is playing with the bench unit. Tyler Ulis and Dragan Bender are both still in the lineup as well, along with P.J. Tucker and Alex Len. Still no Knight...hmmm.

Ulis is trying to set up the offense but the players aren’t moving. Forces a long Tucker three that clanks off the rim toward the end of the shot clock.

Spurs have no problem setting up Kawhi at the other end for a three, though.

Dragan goes back to the bench as Warren subs back in.

Another Tucker three...clank. Then Tucker gets the steal but passes too far on the outlet to Bledsoe. Turnover.

Booker back in now for Ulis.

Booker with a nice drive and falling hook that he somehow get to drop. Spurs still up 46-40. Timeout San Antonio

Spurs are going on another run to end the first half, now stretch the lead to 53-44 with three minutes to go.

Bledsoe drives in to score a much needed basket for the Suns with a floater.

Spurs lead 58-51 at the half.

Third Quarter

The Suns start out hot and cut the lead to five.

Suns are going back and forth, but definitely appear to be playing with more energy than the first half so far.

Spurs holding serve up five points so far.

T.J. Warren keeps being aggressive, getting to the rim and scoring in a multitude of ways. This is exactly what the Suns need.

Phoenix isn’t getting stops at the other end though, and the Spurs just can’t be stopped. They are answering all of the Suns’ scoring, and then some, as they push the lead back up to eight. TImeout Phoenix.

Booker quickly hits a three after the timeout.

Bender checks in and promptly drains a three with an assist by Bledsoe...His first points of the game in his six minutes played thus far.

Booker continues to be the most active overall...he scores again, and now has 25 points. Could this be the elusive 40 point game? #BookerWatch

Bender with another three...Bledsoe with his eighth assist.

Tucker with the three at the buzzer...not a clank! Bledsoe racks up his ninth assist as well

Spurs up 85-80 going into the fourth. Suns well within striking distance

Fourth Quarter

Can Booker give the Suns another big fourth quarter? #BookerWatch

Ulis, Booker, Bender, Tucker, and Len are in to start the final quarter.

Tyler Ulis sinks his second bucket of the game to start the fourth.

Booker draws contact...hits both free throws. Now has 27 points and counting. #BookerWatch

Booker with a fast break and once again draws the foul. He hits both at 29 points and counting. #BookerWatch

Ulis with a BEAUTIFUL scoop finger roll off a drive from the wing. Still no Brandon Knight, by the way.

Booker with another aggressive drive to the has 31 points and counting. #BookerWatch.

Suns up 90-86. Timeout Spurs.

Len gets fouled and heads to the line. He hits both. Suns now up 6.

Booker with the dunk from an a beautiful assist by Bender! Booker now with 33 points. #BookerWatch.

Booker step-back jumper over the defender. 35 points! #BookerWatch

Ginobili hits a three now because he just loves to rain on the Suns parade.

But then Ulis hits a jumper on the other end because he doesn’t care what Ginobili thinks.

Ginobili draws the foul on the other end and gets to the line, because of course.

Ulis and Len sub out as Bledsoe and Chandler sub back in.

Spurs going on a run and even Booker can’t stop the bleeding as he misses a jumper.

Kawhi ties the game 98-98 with four minutes left. Timeout Suns.

Chandler with a tip in on a Bledsoe miss and Suns re-take lead.

Kawhi hits a three to retake the lead for the Spurs. He now has a career high 36 points.

Booker gets fouled and goes to the line. He hits both. 37 points. #BookerWatch

Booker with a fast-break dunk off a Bledsoe steal and assist! Booker with 39 points! #BookerWatch

Suns up three with 40 seconds left. Kawhi hits two free throws but the Suns still up one.

Spurs miss a three to take the lead, Tucker gets the rebound and gets fouled. He hits both.

Suns up three. Spurs will have to hit a three with four seconds left to push OT. Will They?

Paul Gasol misses his first and then intentionally misses the second, but Suns get the rebound.

Game Over, Suns Win!!!

With that, the Suns will now head back to AZ for an actual home game against the Utah Jazz on Monday. This concludes their international schedule for the rest of the season, though I believe this will become a normal part of their schedule, as both the NBA and the Suns look to continue building a fan base with our neighbors to the south.

See you Monday, Suns fans!

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