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Solar Panel Ep. 33: Camp’s Over & We Still Have Questions About the Suns

The Solar Panel: A Phoenix Suns Show

We're only three weeks away from the start of the Suns season. Training camp is in the books and the preseason is set to begin.

To get you ready for the 50th anniversary of the franchise Dave, Espo and Tim are answering the third group of 10 of 50 burning questions all fans want to know.

Dave may have mentioned his first-hand observations from the Suns annual open scrimmage in Prescott once or 20 times.

30) Ryan McD said with Alan Williams injury, we'll likely see Chriss & Bender play spot minutes at 5. Who is more likely to excel as a small ball 5 this season?

29) Tyler Ulis is coming back from injury but playing 5-on-5 drills, how large of a role do we expect from him this season and what kind of backcourt lineups (defensively speaking) make it possible to have Ulis have a net positive influence on the court?

28) Will the Suns win Bright Side Night against the Bulls on Sunday, November 19?

27) How will upcoming lottery reform impact the Suns tanking plans?The lottery doesn’t change till 2019, so there’s still next year with greater odds the worse you play. Does that do anything to the Suns thinking on this season?

26) Do preseason games matter for anything?

25) Eric Bledsoe met Nic Cage and posted a photo of it on social media. Which Nic Cage movie best describes the way you feel about the 2017-2018 Suns?

24) We’ve heard a lot of talk out of training camp that the Suns will play fast and small, is this a long term strategy that will help the Timeline grown and win?

23) T.J. Warren’s contract, shazam or heartbreak hotel?

22) Josh Jackson jokingly called Steph Curry “slow and unathletic” and it became a click bait headline. What did you make of the situation?

21) Would you pay $250 for a pair of Converse made out of the current Suns’ jersey?

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