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James Jones headlines Bright Side Night! Donate Now to meet him before Suns-Bulls on November 19

Please donate to Bright Side’s third annual ticket drive for underprivileged kids

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

I have some great news!

This year, our exclusive Bright Side Night pre-game meet and greet will be hosted by James Jones, the Suns new VP of Basketball Operations!

Jones played for the Suns during the SSOL era, then became one of only two players in NBA history to appear in seven consecutive NBA Finals before retiring in the offseason and joining the Suns front office as Vice President of Basketball Operations to advise GM Ryan McDonough.

DONATE NOW and meet James Jones!

Now our biggest donors to this year’s Bright Side Night will get to participate in the pregame meet and greet with Jones.

All you need to do is be among the first 25 Bright Side readers to donate 10+ tickets to Bright Side Night.

As a reward for donating $190 you get:

  • to send 10 underprivileged kids to the game
  • a pair of your OWN tickets to the game
  • a chance to meet James Jones before the game and ask him any questions you want on Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, SSOL, Joe Johnson, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving, seven straight Finals... or even some current Suns questions!

If you don’t have $190 to spend, that’s okay.

Just donate $19 and you’ll be sending a kid to the game. Donate $38 and you’ll send two.

It doesn’t take much. And you’ll be proud of yourself!

Donate now. We are only at around 100 tickets donated so far this year, so we really need your help. We donated 1,200 tickets last year after 800 the year before.

It’s quick, easy and you won’t miss the money.

  • You click this link to donate:
  • Fill out the one-page form to select the number of tickets you want to donate, and how you’re going to pay
  • You will get a confirmation email directly from the Suns about the ticket donation

That’s it!

Some notes on donations:

  • Each $19 ticket you buy sends one more kid to the November 19 Suns game against the Bulls
  • If you donate $190 at one time (10 tickets), you will get your very own pair of tickets to that game (confirmation of those tickets will come later from Stepheny Frederiksen, who works for the Suns)
  • 10 tickets for kids = a pair of 200-level tickets for yourself
  • 25 tickets for kids = a pair of lower-level tickets for yourself
  • If you’re among the first 25 to donate $190+ at once, you get an exclusive invitation for an private Bright Side interview session with James Jones!

As we approach November 19, the Suns Community Relations team will identify the kids, get them the tickets, make sure they all have chaperones, and take care of them on game day with goodie bags and a whole host of recognition from the PA announcer to the Gorilla.

Donate now!

You won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll always and forever be proud of what you’ve done to give someone a lifelong memory of your favorite basketball team.

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