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Little Miss Brightside: The Sunnier Side of an ugly Suns loss (yes, there is one)

Come on, there’s ALWAYS a sunnier side to the darkness. You just need to let it come to you.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the snitch flitting dangerously around the backboard, cruelly avoiding the basket, Cedric Diggory steals the quaffle with a quick pass almost intercepted by Angelina Johnson... no wait! It’s saved by one of the Weasley boys... the only way we know which one is because Alex Len is out. AND speaking of.... Where is Victor Krum- I mean Dragan Bender- when you need him? Well, at least there is Alec Peters to make a three-pointer in the 4th quarter when there is literally no hope left. It’s too bad this is basketball instead of quidditch. At least the Trail Blazers could actually CLEAN THE FLOOR for us if we gave them real broomsticks.

Well, that was depressing.

I imagine it is reasonable to assume that Phoenix Suns’ fans are feeling somewhat depressed right about now, and rightfully so.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

BUT... there are a few great characteristics about our Phoenix Suns that are significantly more lasting than an embarrasing first game of the season. For starters, those guys are going to do what they do best and brush themselves off, get up and try it again. That is a quality worth applauding.

The most briliant phoenix rises from the biggest, ugliest, most devastating pile of ash, after all. It is so much more meaningful to build from the ground and turn it around in the end into something more magical than anything even Hermione could conjur up.

How many times have we all had bad days at work? A rough meeting... a critical boss... a missed deadline? What about in school... a bad test score or a humiliating presententation that you had to give in front of the whole ENTIRE class... in FRENCH! (Plus I’m fairly certain that NO ONE envies the feeling those players will have walking back onto the court after this first game.) The truth is, we know how those guys feel right now. We have ALL had awful days at work or school or just life in general. Now imagine that awful, horrible, embarrasing, humiliating, miserable first day being performed in front of millions of people?

Let’s think about what happened after that awful day? What did you do to feel better?

I bet you you had friends and family to cheer you up, encourage you to shake it off and get yourself up to do it again tomorrow. The right way. What’s the “right way”? I imagine those caring, close, helpful, wonderful people in your life helped you to see what you could learn from the experience. Most of us believe we are doing our best every moment. We don’t intentionally make mistakes, but with the help of friends- in this case fans and coaches- we can always learn from a less-than-desireable experience and feel empowered to try it again.

So, here is a big hug or a high five to the Phoenix Suns from your fans! (You know what to do.) We come to see basketball (so please stop trying to play quidditch) and we are here to cheer you on for a better SECOND first game of the season.


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