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#SarverOut billboard design contest

Fans have contributed $3,610 to Alex Smith’s campaign

Houston Rockets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

So, just to catch you up, our Phoenix Suns have hard a rocky start to the 2017-18 NBA season.

So much so that it motivated one fan to take a shot at drumming up interest in motivating Suns owner Robert Sarver to sell the team. Alex Smith’s campaign, #SarverOut, aims to collect enough money to pay for a billboard featuring the aforementioned hashtag. His original goal was to raise $1,650. It didn’t take long to hit that.

That was on Monday, October 23rd. A lot has happened since then. The Suns are winners of two straight under interim head coach Jay Triano, and #SarverOut has now collected $3,610 as of 8:30 AM on Thursday, October 26th. Now it’s time to design.

Smith needs ideas for the billboard. Here’s what he’s looking for:

Looking to submit your design for the #SarverOut billboard contest? Well, you've come to the right spot. Please submit a reply to this thread and include a link to your design via imgur or some other picture hosting website. I don't need the raw file yet -- only after the winners are selected.

You must submit your design on this thread before the end of day October 26th. I will then compile the submissions and post on a voting website where you will be able to vote for the best design.

A few guidelines:

  • Billboard dimensions
  • Must contain #SarverOut
  • Can't use any copyrighted images (Suns logo, NBA logo)
  • Can't contain pictures of Robert Sarver
  • No profanity

Can't wait to see the designs!

Submit your ideas here. You have until the end of the day. If those wins against the Kings and Jazz have restored your faith, please disregard.

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