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LISTEN: Suns still have lessons to learn

Phoenix continues to burn bridges

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The winds of change are blowing through Phoenix. Or not.

This week Bright Side of the Sun’s fearless editor Dave King joined Matt Perrault of SB Nation Radio’s Game Night to discuss the start of the 2017-18 season for the Phoenix Suns and the problems that have persisted within the franchise for years.

“I’m really, really, really disappointed because I thought the Suns learned their lesson in 2014 when they burned several bridges and as players were wanting to leave and wanting bigger roles like Goran Dragic, Isaiah Thomas,” King said.

“I thought the Suns were done burning bridges. The Morris brothers, going through that whole drama, and one of the big reasons that Earl Watson was hired was to calm the waters down in the locker room and say ‘look guys, we’re just here, we’re going to play basketball, we’re going to stop worrying about all these headlines.”

“That was great for a year and a half. But guys get tired of hearing that when you’re still expected to lose 60 games. The Suns have nine guys that are 23 and under. You’re just not going to win games that way. The guys were tired of hearing ‘it’s okay not to win, but don’t lose by too much,’ and it really just got toxic all around.”

Dave talked about the need to treat Phoenix Suns more like a business moving forward.

“Now it’s got to get more business-like. Hopefully interim coach Jay Triano, now that he has the full say, hopefully he can make it a more business-like organization and maybe that will keep all the drama out. We don’t know. The Suns have not figured out how not to have disgruntled players so I couldn’t even tell you what it looks like.”

Give the interview a listen, it will be the best 11 minutes you spend all day. Dave also explores what’s going to happen with Eric Bledsoe. You may not be thrilled with the answer you hear.

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