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Suns arena deal in trouble

Seattle and Las Vegas, listen up.

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Chicago Bulls v Phoenix Suns

Your Phoenix Suns need a new pad. Or at least a fresh coat of paint on the one they have. Those ideas don’t seem to be getting a lot of support.

Talking Stick Resort Arena, formerly US Airways Center, formerly America West Arena has housed the Suns since construction was completed in 1992. In 2003 the Arena was renovated. In 2017 many consider it to be outdated by modern standards.

Currently the Suns are in year 25 of a 40-year lease that includes an option to break the lease after 30 years if the building is considered obsolete. That means if owner Robert Sarver doesn’t get what he wants the Suns’ time in downtown Phoenix could end as soon as 2022. Chill out Seattle and Las Vegas, the team isn’t going to move one year after its first NBA championship. That’s absurd.

So the conversation now is renovation. The conversation is not going well.

Jessica Boehm of The Arizona Republic is reporting that the likelihood of a taxpayer funded upgrade is diminishing.

The Phoenix City Council has nine voting members. To burden the taxpayers with such foolishness would require five “yes” votes. Three voters have publicly stated their opposition to the rumored $400 million bill, and a fourth has said he will not entertain the idea without a substantial remodel to the funding plan.

Four members have not commented publicly. Only one, Mayor Greg Stanton, have expressed support for the plan.

Last week Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Kate Gallego released a statement that she is not in favor new or renovated arena.

"We have a number of competing priorities and tough choices we have to make if we're going to fuel our growth and build on recent progress in Phoenix. While I intend to be a partner with the Suns on the many great things they do for the city, it is not in Phoenix's best interest to invest in an arena," she said.

Councilman Sal DiCiccio:

"Doesn't make economic sense for the city."

Councilman Jim Waring:

"The Suns have been a good partner for the city and obviously they're a long-standing organization in Phoenix. I just wish the city of Phoenix was focusing more on its core competencies," he said.

Las Vegas resident Keith M. Scheessele:

Did you see how we got screwed on that stadium deal for the Raiders?

Plenty of good stuff from Jessica Boehm and Scott Bordow in this one so be sure to give it a read. What to do with all those tax dollars you’ll be saving? How about getting involved in Bright Side Night?