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Phoenix Suns partnering with 1Mission for #GivingTuesday

Skip gift-giving with family and friends. Give to 1Mission and Bright Side Night instead.

Sacramento Kings v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Have you ever heard of Giving Tuesday? I just learned about it this morning. It’s a pretty good idea. Check it out:

I like it. This year the Phoenix Suns are joining forces with 1Mission. Here’s what they do:

“We're a community development organization giving people in poverty the opportunity to earn a house by serving their community.”

I think we can all agree that’s a good thing. Tomorrow the Suns will be matching some funds.

1Mission is hoping to raise $12,000 tomorrow. That would be enough to build two houses. If you donate $60 or more you’ll receive a pair of tickets to an upcoming Suns game. A $10 donation and your name will be entered into a drawing to win tickets to watch a game in a suite with three friends.

If you’re like me, and in many ways I hope you’re not, you’re largely against gift-giving during the holiday season. It’s an absurd societal contract we enter into and it’s nothing more than pushing money around. I hate it.

This is a good alternative. Be that guy. Donate a few bucks and tell your family you did this good thing on their behalf. It’s the Human Fund plan, but you know, real.

Also, do not forget that when you’re done giving you can give some more. Bright Side Night is drawing near and you can send a young Phoenix fan to their first Suns game. Save me the jokes about how bad the team is. Do you remember your first NBA game? I do. 1991, Indiana Pacers: 124 Dallas Mavericks: 108. I still have the program from that day. It was awesome. Here’s an embedded tweet to break up the blocks of text:

I like this plan, and I’m excited you’re going to be a part of it with me. Ditch the traditional gift exchange plan and give, give, give. Then give some more. Go Suns.

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