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Bright Side Night 2017/18 - Donation details, latest update, Suns-Pacers

Bright Side of the Sun is raising money to send kids to their first Suns game.

This year’s Bright Side Night is coming!

What’s this, Dave? What the heck is a Bright Side Night?

We, the contributors and readers of Bright Side (the greatest Suns blog in the history of Suns blogs!), are giving back to our community.

We are donating Suns game tickets to underprivileged kids to go with their friends and chaperones, have a great time, get memorabilia to keep forever, and a wonderful memory that many of US have of our first pro game.

Here’s the Suns rep Lauren Baum giving away tickets last year to a class full of deserving kids.

Here’s a comment from a reader last year.

"I wanted to let you know how excited and grateful the Boys & Girls Club in Tucson is to be included in this great project. I spoke with the Club Director and they are so looking forward to the game."

Tickets are only $9 each.

It’s just NINE dollars to send an underprivileged kid to an NBA game.

Donate now:

So far, we are slacking. We've donated less than 400 tickets this year and there’s only a few weeks left. Please help!

Last year, we did 1,200. The year before, 800.

Please donate now

Now it’s just $9 to send one kid. $18 to send two! $27 to send three!

$90 to send 10 kids and get your own pair of game tickets, plus lots of other perks like getting to interview NBA Champion and former Suns forward James Jones before the game. Won’t it be nice to hear Jones’ take on #TheTimeline, given he’s been to seven straight Finals?

Donate now.

It’s quick, easy and you won’t miss the money.

  • You click this link to donate:
  • Fill out the one-page form to select the number of tickets you want to donate, and how you’re going to pay
  • You will get a confirmation email directly from the Suns about the ticket donation

Be like Nike. Just do it.


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