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Recap: Phoenix Suns get blown out by Pistons 131-107

This one got very ugly, very fast.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons came out early trying - and succeeding - to make Devin Booker's night difficult with double-teams and trying to keep the ball out of his hands. Booker wound up with 22 points and actually had a great shooting night (87.5% FG, 66.7% 3PT) but was only able to get off 8 shots due to Detroit’s smothering defense.

Josh Jackson had a career high 20 points and 7 rebounds. Greg Monroe had 14 points with 7 rebounds and 5 assists. He led the Suns in assists tonight.

The Pistons were led by Reggie Jackson with 23 points. Tobias Harris and Avery Bradley had 20 each. Detroit shot 57.3% from the field and 46.4% from three point land. The Suns shot 47.0% and 31.8% from three.

The Suns had 20 turnovers, most in the first half when Detroit built up their lead. The Suns never challenged them after the first quarter.

1st Quarter

Pistons strike first and then the Suns get a shot clock violation on their first possession. Not a great start.

Booker is getting doubled every time he touches the ball. Two shot clock violations in the first 3 minutes for the Suns. Detroit up 11-4 at 8:25.

Pistons playing good D. Suns are not looking sharp early in the game.

Marquese Chriss gets a nice block after a Detroit steal and that leads to a Suns' score on the other end. Pistons up 13-8 at the 6:58 mark.

Suns starting to adjust and are playing good D themselves now.

Tech called on Chriss. Detroit now up 20-13 at 4:00. Most of the Suns second unit are in now. Tyler Ulis is the only starter still on the court.

Pistons take a 25-15 lead after going on a 9-0 run. Suns take a time out with 3:10 left to play in the 1st.

Pistons run now 11-0. Josh Jackson ends the bleeding with a steal and a layup... but not for long. Suns only score 4 points in the last 3:10. Pistons scored 11.

Detroit up 36-19 after one. 8 turnovers for the Suns.

2nd Quarter

Dudley in at PF to start the 2nd. Suns can't seem to buy a bucket, 8 of 19 (42.1%) so far. Pistons are 15 of 25 (60%).

Suns are down 20 at 10:28. Tobias Harris already has 14 points for the Pistons. High scorer for the Suns is Booker with 5. All second unit players on the court at the moment. 13 turnovers for the Suns now.

Mike James gets a steal but blows the layup on the other end. Pistons come back, score and stretch their lead to 24. Score now 47-23 at 8:07 to play.

Starters back in after a time out. Another turnover.

The Suns are rushing their shots and missing. FG% now 39.3 for the Suns.

Pistons now up by 32 at 4:15. Booker picks up his 3rd foul but stays in.

Suns are showing some life at the end of the quarter. They go on a 9-2 run and cut the lead to 25 but score no more and the half ends with Pistons up 69-41.

At the Half

Greg Monroe leads the Suns in scoring with 10, Ulis has 9 and Booker 8. Suns have 14 turnovers and only 9 assists. Monroe and Ulis have three each. Warren with only 2 points, Chriss, Bender, Daniels and Dudley scoreless. Alex Len has 2 points and 2 rebounds. Suns have hit only 43.6% of their field goal attempts and only 22.2% from three.

Harris has 16 points for the Pistons. Reggie Jackson has 15 and Bradley has 10. Detroit shot 63.0% from the field and 57.1% from three. Detroit has only 8 turnovers and 19 assists.

3rd Quarter

Booker fires an air ball to start the 3rd. Pistons come down and score. Suns get another shot clock violation on their next possession. Sigh...

Suns get a steal and then a turnover and then a foul.

Another turnover. Another foul.

This is painful to watch. Pistons up 82-49 at 7:21.

The Pistons cannot seem to miss tonight. They are still shooting over 60%.

More turnovers by the Suns. Up to 20 now. Pistons lead 99-63 with 2:40 left to play in the 3rd.

Booker hits a shot at the end of the period but got it off just a fraction of a second too late.


Quarter ends. Pistons up 104-70

4th Quarter

Len just got a shot blocked by Anthony Tolliver. Anthony Tolliver. Let that sink in.

This is garbage time and the Piston subs aren't surrendering any of the lead they built. They're up 118-84 at 6:24.

Josh Jackson just got his career high with his 20th point. Yahoo.

This game is over.

Suns lose 131-107.

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