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New! For the Fans, By the Fans Podcast

This week: Nostalgia + Prescott Valley + a Special Guest

Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Well, hello, everyone. Long time no see. With the holidays and travel schedules, we've been away for a bit, but, fear not, we are back with another episode of the For the Fans, by the Fans Podcast. This week, we are joined by special guest Raffaele Rosa. Raff is a contributor to the Bench Mob NBA Podcast and a Suns fan from Australia. He was on a trip state-side to take in some NBA action, and we ran into him at the Solar Panel's Brews & Hoops Mixer (shout out to Dave, Tim, and Espo for putting that together!). Raff was kind enough to sit down with us before heading back down under and discusses:

- How he became a Suns fan (which gives us a chance to reminisce about the Seven Seconds or Less Era);

- His adventure to see (or at least try to see) the NAZ Suns; and

- His takeaways from the two Suns games he was able to see.

You can find Raff on Twitter (@_raffaelerosa) and, of course, you can catch both of us on Twitter as well (@DervishOfWhirl and @SoSaysJ). Thanks again to Raff for joining us, and feel free to leave questions, thoughts, ideas, etc. in the Comments Section below. Until next time, Suns fans!

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