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#SarverOut billboards go up around Phoenix

Let's see how this fares for the fans who want new ownership sooner than later.

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It’s been a rough season for the Phoenix Suns so far, but some fans are taking measures into their hands to make a statement. After it was announced about two months ago, the #SarverOut billboards officially went up around Phoenix Wednesday night.

One fan, Alex Smith, decided that this was a good option and now it’s finally set into motion after he exceeded his funding goal of $1,650. Instead of just one billboard, there are three separate ones located in the downtown area.

Below are pictures of the billboards, all with different designs.

Sarver has been in favor of obtaining a new arena or doing big-time renovations of Talking Stick Resort Arena before it’s lease ends.

Here’s what he had to say at general manager Ryan McDonough’s press conference in July when they agreed upon an extension through the 2019-2020 season.

When asked, Sarver brought up how old Talking Stick Resort Arena is compared to other arenas league-wide.

“We’re soon to be the second oldest arena in the league, the smallest arena in the league square footage wise — not so much seating capacity, but square footage-wise. We have to have an NBA-quality facility, and I know that — I think the city of Phoenix knows that." Sarver said. “Hopefully, within the next couple of years, we’ll start construction on something.”

It will be interesting to see if this draws some sort of reaction since it’s finally up in the city. From some quick research, this looks like it could be the first ever grassroots effort to rid a team of its owner via billboards. Surprisingly, Knicks fans haven't done something similar under James Dolan.

What is your thoughts on the #SarverOut billboards as a tactic? To me, this seems like it could do more harm than good but we shall see over the next few weeks while they are up in Phoenix.

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