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Recap: Devin Booker scores 38 as Phoenix Suns fall to Celtics 116-111

No 70 points today but it was an exciting game.

Phoenix Suns v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Color me surprised as the Suns put forth a very good effort against the Celtics after the dismal loss in Detroit. The Suns stuck with the Celtics and even took the lead for a short while in the third period before ultimately falling 116-111 to Boston at home.

Devin Booker led the Suns with 38 points, hitting 55.2% of his shots and 37.5% from three. After a slow start, T.J. Warren finished with 19, and Tyson Chandler had a double-double with 14 points and 18 rebounds. No other Suns finished in double figures.

The Suns started the game shooting well but cooled off toward the end, shooting 48.5% from the field and 29.2% from three. They held their turnovers down to 10 for the game and had 24 assists.

The Celtics won with more balanced scoring (19 for Irving, 17 for Brown & Morris, 15 for Tatum, 14 for Horford and 13 for Smart) and much better three point shooting (45.2%).

Overall a strong and entertaining game by the young Suns even if it did turn out to be a loss.

1st Quarter

Celtics win the tip. Good D by the Suns and Ulis scores first.

Booker nails a three! Suns up 5-0 early.

Boston tightens up on D but Booker nails another 3. Celtics answer with a 3 of their own. Chandler dunks on the other end.

Celtics take an 11-10 lead at 7:30. First lead for Boston. Now up 14-10 after a 7-0 run.

9-0 run now. Jay Triano calls timeout with the score 16-10 Celtics at 6:32.

Celtics' D hounding Booker. Celtics now up 20-10. Four turnovers by the Suns so far.

Marquese Chriss breaks Boston's run with a two pointer.

Booker injured but he walks off the court under his own power. Celtics up 22-12 at 4:01.

Daniels, James, Jackson and Monroe on the court with Chriss now.

Good D by the Suns. Daniels with a 3! Suns cut Celtics' lead to 24-19 at 2:30.

Bender in for Chriss and he nails a 3!

Suns now with 7 turnovers. Boston extends their lead to 9.

Quarter ends with the Celtics up 31-22.

2nd Quarter

Booker back on the court to start the 2nd quarter!

Booker scores! Now has 8 points for the game.

Shot clock violation by the Suns... another turnover.

Monroe gets a tech for jawing at the refs but Celtics miss the FT.

Suns cut lead to 5 at 9:14. Now 35-32 after Monroe scores!

Good luck for a change! Bender has to jack up a 30+ footer as the shot clock winds down. Misses but Suns get rebound and score 2.

Celtics lead 40-37 at 6:57. Much better shooting by the Suns today. 55.6% FG and 45.5% from three so far.

Suns still playing good D. Suns still only down by 5 at 3:52.

Booker trying to take over. Now has 14 points. Gets 15 & 16 at the FT line. Suns now only down by 3. 48-45 Celtics lead.

Boston timeout at 3:04.

Booker scores and gets the foul! Celtics lead down to 2 at 2:12.

Brown his a three. Lead back to 5.

Warren gets his first bucket of the game. Teams trading buckets now.

Another Suns turnover on the last possession. Celtics lead 60-54 at the end of the 2nd.

At the Half

Booker leads the Suns with 21 points at the half. He's hit and amazing 72.7% of his shots and 50.0% from three. No one else is in double figures with Greg Monroe, Josh Jackson and Dragan Bender all with 6 points apiece. Only 2 points for Warren so far.

The Suns are shooting 52.4% from the field and 35.7% from three. The box score says they only have 6 turnovers but I'm sure I counted at least 8. Either way it’s better than their last game. The Suns are out rebounding the Celtics 18 to 11 and had 13 assists in the first half.

Jaylen Brown leads the Celtics with 16 points, Kyrie Irving has 9 and Al Horford and Marcus Morris have 7 apiece. Celtics shooting 59.0% from the field and 56.3% from three.

3rd Quarter

Jackson starts instead of Warren. Booker now has 23. Boston come up empty and Jackson gets fouled. 1 of 2 at the line and Suns now down by 3, 60-57.

Warren back in after getting 4 stitches.

Ulis drives to the basket and cuts the lead to 1!

Suns still playing good D as the teams trade baskets.

Booker scores and Suns take a 65-64 lead at 7:30!

Arg! Suns D breaks down and gives the Celtics three unopposed 3 point shots in one possession. Horford hits on the 3rd attempt and take a 68-67 lead.

Trading baskets again.

Celtics lead 78-77 at 3:37.

Several misses by both teams. Still 78-77 at 2:52.

Bad pass and another Suns turnover and a foul. Celtics hit two FTs and their lead is back up to 5, 82-77.

Celtics now up by 7 and Triano calls a timeout at 2:04.

Suns missing too many shots and the Celtics take a 10 point lead at the end of the 3rd, 89-79.

4th Quarter

Celtics take a 12 point lead to start the 4th.

Now 14. Now 16. Suns can't seem to buy a bucket right now.

Now 15 as Morris hits 1 of 2 at the line.

Warren finally gets the Suns on the board in the 4th. Score now 96-81.

James hits a layup and cut lead to 13.

James hits another layup and the lead is down to 11. Timeout Boston at 7:49.

Booker back in after a short rest.

Booker rattles one in. Now has 31 points.

Warren with a three and the lead is down to 10, 100-90.

Suns continue to play good D.

Dudley hits a long two and the Celtics' lead is now 100-94 at 4:34.

Booker blocked by Tatum.

Suns score after about a dozen tip attempts following a missed shot!

Boston answers and it's 103-96 at 3:05.

The Suns just won't go away. Great effort in this game no matter how it ends.

Booker now with 33.

Celtics answer but Warren scores and gets the and-one. 105-101 Celtics.

Chandler scores! 105-103!

Irving hits a three. 108-103 Celtics with 1:36 to play.

Full court pressure by the Suns.

Booker for three! 33 for Booker.

Celtics aren't giving up either.

Ulis scores 112-108 Celtics with 23.8 to play.

Smart hits 2 FTs 114-108.

Booker for three again! 114-111 with 17.3 seconds left.

Booker fouls out, sends Smart to the line again. He hits both. Celtics up 116-111.

Suns turn over the ball and Boston runs out the clock.

Suns lose 116-111.

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