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Devin Booker expected to return Tuesday

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Against a team we beat last week without him, so that’s cool.

Phoenix Suns v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Merry Christmas, Phoenix Suns fans. Devin Booker is ready to play professional basketball again.

If all goes well, and let’s be honest everything always goes well in Phoenix, Booker will be back on the court when the Suns host the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday. He was a full participant in practice on Sunday.

“This was my first full day doing contact,” Booker told azcentral sports. “We’ll come back (Monday) and see how it feels, but I’m happy about it. I feel fine.”

Head coach Jay Triano sounds confident that Booker will be at 100%, only citing fatigue as a reason to limit his minutes.

“If he’s starting to look tired, we’ll get him out,” Triano said.

The Suns have played nine games since Booker went down with a strained left adductor muscle on December 5th against the Toronto Raptors. They’ve lost six of those games.

One of the games they won was against the Grizzlies though, knocking off Memphis 97-95 on Thursday night. So adding Booker should definitely mean a win, right? Right? Please ignore that for his career he shoots worse from three against the Grizzlies than any Western Conference team not named the Golden State Warriors. You’re welcome for that stat.

Let’s be positive this holiday season. Grizzlies at Suns and the probable return of Devin Booker, Tuesday night at 6pm PT. Make it appointment television.