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Here is the Suns ‘Los Suns’ City Edition uniform

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On Wednesday, Nike officially unveiled all 30 of their newest uniform sets. After four initial go-rounds with other jerseys (white home, purple road, black alternate, retro), the Suns’ “City Edition” uniform is a two-tone purple look.

Check out the jersey below:

It looks a lot better than the previous leak in NBA2k18, which looked more like a black and purple color toning, but compared to others already available this probably is my least favorite thus far, in my opinion. I’m assuming the shorts will grace the same color concept as well.

One thing is for sure, that purple is going to stand out on the court whenever they pull these out during the rest of the season.

Here is Nike’s official description of the Suns’ newest jersey:

The Phoenix Suns City Edition uniform pays special tribute to the Hispanic heritage of the community the Suns have proudly represented for 50 years. The “Los Suns” uniform features shades of Phoenix purple and the back of the jersey includes a design detail inspired by the Phoenix constellation.

I had no idea it was inspired by the Phoenix constellation, so that bumps it up a little bit in my book.

What’s your thoughts on these uniforms Nike cooked up for Phoenix?

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