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Donate $9 to send an underprivileged kid to Suns vs Pacers Jan 14 - last chance!

Send an underprivileged kid to Suns-Pacers on January 14 for just $9 each. Takes two minutes. Spread the word.

I’ve made all the pleas.

I used a heartfelt personal story. I used aggressive guilt (Catholicism FTW!). I used myself - in that you can support me and the blog by helping me do this thing.

Now I’m just telling you to act.

Donate now:

Suns. Pacers. January 14.

Our deadline for donations for this game is Monday, January 1.

Our goal is 1,500 kids and their chaperones.

Our target is kids of any young age who are otherwise struggling in some way and would absolutely cherish the memory of attending a pro basketball game for the rest of their lives.

We’ve targeted many such organizations, some who focus on the underprivileged, some who help the abused, and some who just spend all their time trying to make a difference in the next generation.

100% of your donation goes toward these discounted tickets. No overhead. No fees.

If you buy 1 for $9, you’ve changed one kid’s life.

If you buy 2 for $18, you’ve changed two kids’ lives. Maybe best friends. Or siblings. Or cousins.

If you buy 10 for $90, you get two MORE tickets for a total of 12. Either you can keep them for yourself and go to the game too (and get a bag of Suns and BSotS swag), or you can donate those two to kids as well!

If you buy 25 for $225, those two extra tickets become LOWER BOWL tickets to use or donate!

We can do any increment of 1-10 tickets, then 20, 25 or 50 for each no-fee transaction.

Donate as many times as you want.

As of Wednesday night, we are just shy of 1,400 tickets!

Your small donation can help get us to our goal of 1,500 tickets by Monday - the BEST YEAR EVER for this program.

Donate now:

It only takes 2 minutes.

It’s safe, secure and easy.

If you don’t/can’t use the online form, you can email Stepheny directly at

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