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Solar Panel, ep. 52: Booker’s place at the Suns table + Alec Peters + Bright Side Night final countdown

Tim, Greg and Dave discuss lots of angles on Devin Booker, Alec Peters and our third annual Bright Side Night

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The Solar Panel: A Phoenix Suns Show

Tim, Dave and Greg bring their last episode of 2017

We discuss:

  • Whether 21 year old Devin Booker really should have a say in the next coach, or on any organizational decisions
  • Only 5 West players average 24/4/4. All of them are All-Stars except Booker. Should Devin Booker make the All-Star game ahead of the likes of Damian Lillard, who’s already been snubbed more than once himself?
  • Alec Peters had yet another 30/10 game with the NAZ Suns, and remember that he had been considered borderline first rounder before his injury last spring. So what’s Alec Peters’ future in Phoenix? When will he get regular minutes with the Suns?
  • Our expert predictions for the Suns record this week, as they face the Sixers and Hawks at home, followed by the Nuggets and Spurs on the road.
  • and finally...

Why is Bright Side Night so damn important to Dave? Shouldn’t the Suns just be giving those tickets away to kids without our having to pay for them?

THAT’S NOT THE POINT. The point is... (listen for it)

Listen here:

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Notes on Bright Side Night, January 14 — Suns vs. Pacers:

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