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Eric Bledsoe set a Phoenix Suns record last night


NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Much to the delight of the pro-tank crowd, the Phoenix Suns dropped their fifth consecutive contest last night, this time a 124-114 decision against the Los Angeles Clippers.

I’m not anti-tank, I just don’t know how to be pro-tank. How does it work? Am I literally supposed to hope players dribble the ball off their foot? Do I root for solid individual performances and just hope that the team performance is poor enough to prevent the Suns from screwing up and winning a game? I confess, I’m unsure of where the line is. Usually I’ll just put the game on and halfway pay attention while I text my buddy important stuff like what’s the greatest rap album of the early 90s? (It’s Mobb Deep’s The Infamous, don’t @me.)

So while the Suns continue to climb the NBA Draft Lottery charts, we have been treated to individual performances that are nothing short of spectacular, courtesy of Eric Bledsoe.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. What did Charlie Scott do after that remarkable 13 day stretch in 1973? He had one more 40 point game the rest of his NBA career, a 41 point effort against the Philadelphia 76ers. You learned something. You’re welcome.

We hear all the time, every season, that you cannot win in the NBA without a “superstar,” however that’s defined. What has to happen before we start to have the “star,” “superstar,” “megastar,” “supernova,” conversation regarding Eric Bledsoe? Scratch supernova, I just learned that comes later.

At least one NBA writer thinks it’s time for the conversation. He’s one of my peers. We’re pretty much the same.

We’ll see. Bledsoe gets another shot at a 40 point night Friday when the Suns meet the Kings in Sacramento. It will be the 50th game of the season for Phoenix. 50 on 50, calling it now. But hopefully they still lose. Did I do that right?

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