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Suns still willing to fight for each other, despite all the distractions and losing

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For those of us lucky to see Tyler Ulis, Marquese Chriss, Alan Williams and Devin Booker participate in Summer League last July, the on-court altercation in garbage time between the Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies last night was nothing new.

As it was before, Devin Booker helped instigate an argument. The big guys made their presence known in support of their team, but it was 5-9” 150 pound Tyler Ulis who carried the biggest stick chip on his shoulder as he defended his best friend, Booker.

Said Booker: "We have a young core that's really close with each other. It's the same thing we'd do off the court if any of us got in a fight. We stick together. We're brothers. That's just how it goes."

This time, it was Booker and journeyman Troy Daniels who started the whole thing. Daniels made a three with Booker flying through to foul him in the act, prompting Daniels to amp up his trash talk. Booker was having none of it.

Ulis, Chriss and Daniels were all ejected after the 10-minute video review of the altercation. Booker and Big Sauce got technicals.

Booker shared his thoughts with’s Doug Haller after the game.

"He's been on five teams in three years and he has the nerve to talk trash to me," Booker said. "He's on a winning team so you have those muscles when you're on a really good team. It is what it is. We will see him again."

To be fair, it’s four teams in four years, but Booker’s point is made anyway.

On the other hand, Booker is only a second-year player in the league on a losing team, so Daniels is really the winner here.

The Suns have shown they will fight for each other.

While some may say these guys have no room to fight with a winning team, others will applaud the Suns roster for continuing to stick for each other regardless of the situation. There’s no loss of spirit here.

The vets and young guys also support each other at all times, despite a 16-37 record and certain turmoil developing around the trading deadline. Tyson Chandler, Jared Dudley, Leandro Barbosa, Ronnie Price (who has yet to play) and P.J. Tucker have all expressed their contentment with helping develop a proper NBA attitude and work ethic this season.

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