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Part owner of Suns bids to buy Sports Illustrated

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Sacramento Kings v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Get excited, Phoenix Suns fans. We’re one step closer to seeing Alan Williams on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Last week it was reported that part owner of the Suns, Jahm Najafi, placed a bid on the purchase of Time Inc. media empire. Najafi is the CEO of the appropriately named private investment firm Najafi Companies. Properties falling under the Time umbrella include Sports Illustrated, Fortune, and People.

Conflict of interest? Click on the above link, it’s being discussed. Straight from Daniel Roberts’ article:

It might mean extra access for Sports Illustrated to the Phoenix Suns, and perhaps better access to other NBA teams. Or the opposite could happen: the Suns, in an overt effort to demonstrate no special treatment, might stonewall Sports Illustrated or give it fewer interviews.

22 magazines and a few digital-only brands are included in the deal. What do you think? Good for Suns? Bad for Suns? Who cares? Share your thoughts.