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The Madhouse - Week of 3/20/2017

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! Did you see the Suns take on the Detroit Pistons? For three quarters, the Suns ran out a D-League team and hung with an Eastern Conference playoff aspirant! It was terrible basketball and hilarious schadenfreude all at once. Alas, in the fourth quarter the Pistons ability to utilize actual NBA players made the difference and they got the win. This isn’t to hate on the Suns’ roster, but Jarell Eddie was their leading scorer in the first half. That is not a usual thing.

  • If you weren’t watching the Suns’ game, I’m assuming you were watching Beauty and the Beast, along with the rest of America.
  • Apparently the FBI and CIA teamed up to find Tom Brady’s stolen jersey... in MEXICO! Support for the wall just spiked in the Boston area.
  • Back to the Suns: with most of their backcourt shut down for the season, are they taking the tank too far? Or as far as they need to to secure a top 3 pick?

Any other thoughts? You know what to do!

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