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VIDEO: High school launches Devin Booker image into space

70 points and 97,000 feet.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Peaks and valleys. That’s your 2016-17 Phoenix Suns.

A STEM mini-grant of $2500 recently provided a Pinnacle High School physics class with the opportunity to study vectors, velocity, acceleration, and freefall calculations. A weather balloon, GoPro camera, helium tank, AND DEVIN BOOKER IN SPACE.

Teacher Mike Vargas on the project:

“The goal of every mission is to get a photo of the curve of the earth and gather measurable data for our students to analyze, and we did it.” Mr. Vargas said in the press release. “The STEM mini grant program is incredible and made a huge difference on our campus with our kids…thanks to APS and the Phoenix Suns for your support!”

Vargas was a science teacher and basketball coach for 10 years in Brussels, Belgium before arriving at Pinnacle. In 2016 he was named 2016 Teacher of the Year Ambassador for Excellence by the Arizona Educational Foundation. He credits projects like this with encouraging students to study science in college.

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