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Josh Jackson to attend anger management classes

Court ordered anger management classes.

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Before you get mad online, I’m not saying that Phoenix should avoid drafting Josh Jackson. I’m not saying the Suns should draft Josh Jackson. I’m just saying Josh Jackson has some stuff he has to take care of during his rookie season.

In December of last year Jackson allegedly kicked the door of a vehicle driven by Kansas women's basketball player McKenzie Calvert. A misdemeanor count of criminal property damage followed.

April 12th Jackson delivered a not guilty plea with plans of filing for diversion. The state will dismiss the case with prejudice if he completes the diversion agreement. The charge is now vandalism. Monday we were treated to the list of what Jackson will have to do.

Jackson must:

  • Attend anger management classes
  • Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs
  • Write a letter of apology
  • Complete at least 20 hours of community service
  • Pay $158 in court costs (he will be able to afford this)
  • Pay $150 diversion fee (this too)
  • Pay $250 to Timothy Calvert, McKenzie’s father and owner of the vehicle (ok, this is adding up)
  • Pay $3,150.45 to Calvert if he violates the 12-month diversion program (heaven forbid)

Check out Jesse Newell’s article for more details. The Phoenix Suns have certainly been a team that’s faced behavioral challenges from players in the recent past. Any concerns about Jackson ahead of next month’s draft?

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