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Solar Panel Ep. 16.5: Is Deadpool a Suns Fan?

Guest panelist and lifelong Suns fan Rhett Reese, writer of Deadpool and Zombieland, stops by to talk about how he became a Suns fan, what he thinks the Suns should do this offseason, how to give the Suns a Hollywood ending and more.

The Solar Panel: A Phoenix Suns Show

Greg Esposito (@Espo) and special guest panelist Rhett Reese (@RhettReese) lifelong Suns fan and writer of such films as Deadpool, Zombieland, Life and the forthcoming Deadpool 2 discuss:

–How Rhett became a Suns fan and his favorite memories

– If we can get a Suns reference in Deadpool 2

– Who the Suns should draft

– The dream ending a writer would pen for the Suns

– and more!


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