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Center of the Sun: Can the Phoenix Suns get another 1st round draft pick this year? The Fantable looks at some of the options.

In a loaded draft many fans want another first rounder.

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Welcome to the weekly news roundup of your Phoenix Suns.

A lot of fans want the Suns to get another 1st round draft pick this year and there are some rumors about teams that may be willing to trade their picks so that is the subject of this week's Fantable questions... and I decided to throw in my 2 cents worth too this week.

1. Portland is rumored to be shopping one or more of it's three first round picks (#15, #20 & #26) if they also can shed some salary with it. I'm sure the Suns will follow up on this rumor. If it proves to be true, should they pursue a deal with Portland, which pick do you think they could acquire and which player (if any) do you think that they should consider taking back to get that pick?

GuarGuar: If I were the Suns I would consider packaging the 32 and two Toronto second rounders for the 20th to pick up a Harry Giles type player. I think taking a high upside center could be very valuable for us (doesn’t necessarily have to be Giles). I wouldn’t consider trading for the 15 it kind of is in no man's land and probably costs more than we want to give. I’m fine with taking back a contract if it gets the deal done, but just please not Allen Crabbe.

Sun-Arc: Portland is pretty screwed on salary at the moment. They have the 2nd highest total salary in the league and they just got ousted in the first round. I would think that the players they most want to get rid of are Turner ($53.5m/3 yrs), Leonard ($30.8m/3 yrs), and Aminu ($14.2m/2 yrs). And I imagine they would want us to take Turner for #15, Leonard for #20, and maybe Aminu for #26 plus our #32 or possibly the #54. A lot of who we might be willing to take on depends on who we want to draft, but I want no part of Turner at that cost, whether or not we unload Knight. I don't want to pay Len $10m/yr, nor Leonard- but if there was a player at #20 we really wanted and we let Len and Williams walk I could see this as a possibility, but I don't think I'd do it. Aminu's contract isn't too large and he's a good defensive player that could help fill some gaps on the Suns. Not sure if Portland really does that trade but they could be desperate. If so, this is the trade I would make but only if there is someone the team really wants at #26. There are plenty of good center prospects in this range, so it could be a good move.

SDKyle: I don't see a deal that makes sense for a pick as high as #15...virtually every player we have either is too much to give up for the #15 or too little.

I'd target the #20 pick. I'd be willing to take on either Aminu or Harkless in some kind of deal to acquire another late first-rounder, assuming the cost for the Suns is reasonable. But that's assuming we were doing a deal. Personally, I'd probably just stand pat.

SouthernSun: I would definitely be interested in acquiring one of those picks. Since the Suns don't necessarily need the cap space for the next several years (one would assume), then they shouldn't be hesitant to take on a big contract in order to get a pick. One thing this team could use more of is defense. Aminu isn't a "sexy" trade target, but he would provide something the Suns lack, and if we would get a late 1st from the Blazers for him, great. However, I think the Blazers are more interested in moving a bigger contract than Aminu. I think they would like to move Evan Turner or Allen Crabbe (their two biggest mistakes last summer). If I were the Suns, the price to take on either of those contracts would be the #20 pick at the very least. Both provide something the Suns need more of. Crabbe is a great 3 point shooter who doesn't do much else, and Evan Turner is a point forward who can make plays from the wing, play mediocre defense, and hit the wide open 3 (though his shooting is definitely the thing he's least okay at). Neither of them are horrendous players, but Portland got too excited last year and ponied up too much money to average NBA talent, and now they are attempting to get out of the luxury tax by giving away 1st round picks to a team who will take on their mistakes. The Suns should pounce all over this opportunity and hope that Anunoby, Jarret Allen, Collins, or Justin Jackson are there at #20 (one of them will be).

Rod Argent: The 26th pick obviously might be had with taking the least amount of salary back in return which is why I would focus on that one. It's not ideal but the Suns might be able to get that pick by just taking back Festus Ezeli and his remaining $7.7 mil salary (which is only for one year) just because the Blazers really need to shed as much salary as they can. I doubt that the Blazers would go for that deal but the Suns have the cap space to take on that salary without having to send out any in return which only a few other NBA teams would be able to do. Every other contract they would like to unload would be for more money and/or more years. I would only make them that offer and then let them decide to take it or leave it.

I think we should be able to get a player with fairly good potential at 32 but I'd much rather take that swing at 26 if that pick can be gotten without too much pain.

2. There are also rumors that Sacramento would be willing to trade their picks (#5 & #10) to move up to make sure to get De'Aaron Fox. Some say that Fox might go as early as 2nd in the draft but if the Kings offered to trade the 5th and 10th picks to the Suns for the 4th pick - even if it is only on the condition that Fox was still available at 4 on draft day - would you take that deal and who would you draft with the 5th and 10th picks (assuming that Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson and De'Aaron Fox are all off the board by then)?

GuarGuar: Whether or not I would make a deal with Sacramento depends on who is still on the board at 4. If Jackson is still on the board I wouldn’t do the trade. However, if he is gone I would totally trade back for the 5th and 10th pick if Sacramento is silly enough. There is so much value still at 5 and 10 it could be hard to pass up. The combinations we could take would be intriguing. Tatum-Ntilikina, DSJ-Anunoby, Isaac-Ntilikina and so many others really stand out. When it comes to the Sacramento Kings and Vlade Divac no trade is a bad trade in their minds.

Sun-Arc: A lotta "ifs" in there. And I'll add one more: only if the suns don't want Jackson or Fox at #4. Seems like Ryan & co pick "their guy" and take them when they are sure they can. But, if they don't want those two guys then heck yeah I do that trade in a heartbeat. IF Draftexpress' mocks are correct, I would take Isaac and Smith with the picks. If DSJ is not there, my order of interest goes Monk, Ntilikina, OG Anunoby. But another option is, if DSJ is not there, to package the #10 with the 2nd rounders and get something else- maybe move up to get DSJ from the team that took him (unlikely) or maybe take Portland's #15 & 26 (plus take Aminu if necessary?), etc.

SDKyle: I would not take the deal, but for the sake of playing along I'd draft Isaac and Dennis Smith Jr. For the record, I'm holding onto #4 on the chance Josh Jackson is still available. If I knew for 100% he wouldn't be, I'd take the deal.

SouthernSun: I would definitely take that deal. 5 and 10 for 4 would be amazing. It won't happen, but it would be amazing. I assume that the Kings would negotiate for a bit more. Say... #5 and #10 for #4, #32, and TJ Warren? In either case, I do it. I would then draft Tatum with #4, and whichever guard is still there at #10 (Monk, Dennis Smith Jr, or Ntilikina).

Rod Argent: This would obviously have to be a last minute deal done by the Suns and Kings because the Kings wouldn't agree to it without knowing that Fox would still be available with the 4th pick. If the Kings really want Fox then they will probably be trying to swing a deal with the Sixers to move up to #3. I think that would be a great deal for the Sixers and it's much more likely that the Suns probably don't even get a chance at it if the rumors are true. But if such a deal was offered to the Suns I would take it.

3. Minnesota (#7) and Detroit (#12) are rumored to be making their picks available to trade. But the rumors are that they aren't trying to trade up but might be willing to trade their picks for established veteran players that could help them get back into the playoffs. The Suns really have few players that either team might want in this respect but can you see any way that a trade with either of those two teams might work to get the Suns one of their picks?

GuarGuar: I am EXTREMELY interested in trading for the Minnesota pick. There will still be so much talent available at the 7 spot we should definitely inquire what it would cost. My ideal draft night scenario like I have mentioned in other threads is for us to take Josh Jackson at 4 and trade Bledsoe (and change) to Minnesota for the 7th pick and take Dennis Smith Jr. I think this would solve a lot of our problems regarding future defense (Jackson) and having a great point guard with our current timeline (DSJ). Some may say this is too much youth but I disagree. All we need to do is surround them with vets (Iggy would be nice) and let the kids develop. It may take 2 years before we are playoff ready but when we are that team would have tremendous upside.

Sun-Arc: Chandler, Dudley, and Barbosa come to mind. Oh, and some person named Brandon Knight that still shows up on our roster. Earl and Tyson seem to have a love affair, so that might be unlikely. Dudley and Barbosa individually or together might not be enough to get #7. Might have to take back a contract which may still work. Cole Aldridge ($14.2m/2 yrs) wouldn't be the end of the world. Dudz alone for #12, or add in Knight and take back a bad contract. The problem is which bad Pistons contracts if we have to take one to get #12. I'm not a fan of Drummond and he's slated to be paid $105m/4 yrs. He doesn't fit our style and that is some cap-clogging salary. I sure as hell don't want Reggie Jackson or Marcus Morris. We don't want/need Leuer or Ish back on our roster. Don't want Baynes. I'd take Marjonavic ($15m/2 yrs), but not sure that would get it done. So this only happens if the Pistons are desperate enough. Because they could use the scoring our players (Knight & dudz) provide. But is Stan Van Gundy willing to take Knight and shed Boban and #12 in the process?

SDKyle: It's hard to see what the Suns could possibly offer to get such high picks. Neither team would have any use for Chandler, and Dudley isn't worth nearly enough to command that kind of return. As much as I want to have something interesting to say here, I just don't see a deal that makes sense to me given those parameters.

SouthernSun: I could maybe see Minnesota going for a swap of #7 for Bledsoe. I don't think it's likely, but there has been so much talk of Thibs wanting to trade for a good veteran player, perhaps it's true. This is one of the few cases where I think we would actually get good enough value for Bledsoe to trade him, though I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to have your entire core be 19-21 years old...

As for the #12 pick, I don't think there's a deal to be made there. Bledsoe is worth more than that, and no other player on our roster that is somebody we would trade is good enough to warrant the Pistons trading us that pick.

Readers: "But, Southern, you just said earlier that you'd be willing to include TJ in the trade with Sacramento for the #5 and #10, what's the difference?"

Good question, hypothetical readers. The answer is simple. None of the high upside guards in this draft will be available at 12. Dennis Smith Jr, Malik Monk, and Frank Ntilikina will not make it out of the top 10. Too many teams that pick late in the top 10 need a guard (Knicks and Sac). I'd rather the Suns hold onto TJ than get Anunoby or Justin Jackson. And I'm not sure the Pistons would trade us 12 for TJ anyway, given that they already have Tobias Harris and Bozo the Clown... oh, sorry, I meant Marcus Morris.

Rod Argent: I really don't think that we have anything that Detroit wants but there are rumors that they are shopping Reggie Jackson so they might wind up with some interest in Eric Bledsoe if they can find a deal for Jackson.

Minnesota is also rumored to be shopping Ricky Rubio and if they can get a deal done for him (the Knicks are rumored to be interested) then trading for Bledsoe might not be a bad idea for them. I highly doubt that the Suns could get the #7 pick just for Bledsoe though. We would probably have to take back a bad contract to make that happen. I cringe at the thought of taking back Nikola Pekovic in return but he's only under contract for one more year so perhaps it wouldn't be too terrible a price to pay.

Overall I really doubt that the Suns have a realistic shot at getting either of these picks. There are probably just too many "ifs" involved to make a trade for either of those picks happen... and I really don’t want to trade Eric Bledsoe.

Once again many thanks to our Fantable... GuarGuar, Sun-Arc, SDKyle and SouthernSun!

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