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Inspiring words from Suns head coach Earl Watson

“Be 1% better.”

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Free Agency period for 2017 is upon us, and as Phoenix Suns fans we’re pretty used to being disappointed during the offseason event.

So then, it is important to take advantage of the pick-me-ups when presented. Give a listen to a recent podcast from to brighten your day.

Among other things, Suns head coach Earl Watson lives by the mantra, “be 1% better than yesterday.”

It took me four cracks at freshman math at Ball State University before I could graduate, so I couldn’t tell you if being 1% better when the season starts turns the Suns into a playoff team. But it sounds nice.

It may be Blake Griffin, it may be Paul Millsap, it may be someone else, it may be nobody at all. Check your emotions during the free agency frenzy. That’s what Watson would want you to do.

Have a fantastic weekend Suns fans.

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