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Quotes, highlights from Suns SL win over Kings

Watch Josh Jackson’s 18/8 and overall highlights from the Suns Summer League win over the Kings

The Summer Suns beat the Baby Kings last night, and it’s always good to hear what the players had to say about their experience right after the buzzer sounds or at least as close as possible.

So here goes.

Davon Reed

6-11 shooting, 17 points in 20 minutes, 2 steals

“Felt good to get out there and be in a rhythm,” he said simply.

Reed doesn't talk about himself much. He isn’t much of a talker at all. But it’s good to hear what Marquese Chriss said about Reed.

“I like Davon a lot after this game,” Chriss said. “I didn’t know he was as feisty as he was. That’s something I could go to battle with, you know. I know he has my back after seeing what’s going on.”

Reed is clearly a gamer whose own teammates don’t know how competitive he is until they see it in a game. This is a great attribute.

Marquese Chriss

Team-highs in many categories: 19 points (9 of 13 free throws), 9 rebounds (6 defensive), 8 turnovers and 9 personal fouls

“I had a lot of turnovers today,” he said. “It’s bad for us, I had half our turnovers. Trying to run the offense best I can from the post and also from the perimeter. (I need to be) Playing smart. Not throwing the ball away on stupid possessions, lose the ball and not letting it go out of bounds or save it or something.”

He did a lot more talking to his teammates throughout the game than he’d done as a rookie.

‘It’s different. I’m an introvert,” he said. “I really don’t like to talk different (being loud on the court), but that’s something I have to do in the game. Earl and all the coaches tell me I need to be vocal and be leader, so I’m just trying to put that on my shoulders and talk to them as much as I can about what I see and they can talk to me vice versa.”

He and Dragan Bender also encouraged each other a lot, especially to keep shooting it on the catch when open.

“Me and Dragan coming in the same year with Tyler, we built a relationship,” Chriss said. “Teammates have their ups and downs. I know that he has my back and I have his back. I know he’s a helluva player, he’s a helluva shooter. We just try to encourage each other because we know we are capable.”

Josh Jackson

18 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 turnovers

“I think we could have played a little bit better, myself included,” he said after the game. “I think it’s really important for us, probably more important than other teams here, because we have so many guys on the summer league team who are going to be expected to play major minutes this year. So it’s something that we really got to take serious. I think we did today, but like I say we could definitely take another step.”

Jackson knows exactly who he is, and what he brings to the game of basketball.

“That I play hard. That I play defense.”

“I can bring a little bit of toughness,” he continued. “We got a few tough guys on the team, but we could be a little bit tougher than we are right now. We could be a lot better defensively and communicate. I think a lot of the things we screwed up out there defensively just came from miscommunication and now speaking. So that’s one thing we can definitely improve on.”

But he also has things to prove.

“That my shot’s gotten better, and my free throws have gotten better. Just that I’ve improved as an all-around player.”

Last Word

Coach Garnett on Dragan Bender playing point guard.

“This was probably not the best game to try it, with Fox who can pressure the ball, and Mason. So it was good to see him actually handling a little bit of pressure. We didn’t keep him there long, but hopefully that helps his confidence maybe.

“Obviously when he takes it off the glass, we would love for him to push it. but getting him some minutes trying to bring it up, getting into the offense, I think that works well with his game.”

Game Highlights

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