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VIDEO: New Nike Suns jerseys unveiled


Chicago Bulls v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The big day has finally arrived. Easily the biggest day on your August sports calendar. Phoenix Suns jersey reveal day is here. Get your hot uniform takes ready, superfans.

Unlike most teams that will see little more than their uniforms from last year adorned with a Nike “swoosh” this is a significant redesign for the Phoenix franchise. Additionally, the Suns receive the fifth “Classic” jersey, harkening back to the earliest era of Phoenix basketball. The Suns are one of just eight teams to feature the “Classic” jersey.

On the latest episode of Suns Solar Panel a consensus was reached that at least 50% of fans would be displeased with the newest Suns aesthetic. Certainly in today’s world of social media universal acclaim will never be observed with a change like this. What do you think? Bonus points for neither loving nor hating, because there are acceptable answers beyond those two extremes.

Here’s screen shots thanks to sreeks.

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