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ESPN grades Suns offseason

To this point. Have you heard about Josh Jackson and Eric Bledsoe for Kyrie Irving?

2017 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

My evaluation of the Phoenix offseason started and ended with the story that Josh Jackson reneged on a workout with Boston, punked Danny Ainge and the Celtics, and ended up being drafted by the Suns number four overall at the NBA Draft.


Others put more thought into such things. One of those people is Kevin Pelton of ESPN. He was not as intrigued with the Suns offseason as I was, and is clearly grading on a different scale.

Kevin Pelton, on Phoenix:


“Since drafting Josh Jackson No. 4 overall, the Suns have basically sat the offseason out. After being linked to veteran power forwards, they changed directions to focus on building around their youth, giving general manager Ryan McDonough a new, long-term contract and adding NBA veteran James Jones to their front office.

With center Alan Williams re-signing, Phoenix still has about $6 million in cap space remaining. That could increase if the Suns re-sign restricted free agent Alex Len to a deal that pays him less than his $12 million caphold. If so, Phoenix would be in position to take advantage of a buyer's market for adding salary midseason.”

The Suns may not yet be finished. I’m going to go ahead and say there’s a possibility that Phoenix lands Kyrie Irving, because why not? Everyone else with a platform has. Have you heard this one?

But wait! There’s more!

All the back and forth may seem silly now, but we very well may end up missing having something to talk about 30 games into the season. Enjoy the rest of the offseason.

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