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NBA teams use solar eclipse to troll Phoenix Suns

It’s August.

News: The 2017 ESPYS Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s officially here. The solar eclipse has made its first contact in Oregon within the last hour. It will cross the United States and end in South Carolina just before 3pm.

NBA content people want to read can be difficult to come by in August. Not everyone does it as well as Bright Side Of The Sun. So when low-hanging fruit is available, it’s best not to ignore.

NBA Twitter is no different. Teams used Monday’s meeting of the Moon and Sun to troll our favorite team.

Meh. Not bad. Not good. But not bad.

Will you be watching the solar eclipse? Not me, it’s cloudy and raining in Vegas, but more importantly time spent outside staring at the sky is time not spent providing you with this fantastic content.

If you miss this year’s installment of the solar eclipse, fear not. You’ll get another chance in April of 2024 when the Suns are working on capturing their second Larry O’Brien trophy.

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