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Dudley tweets Suns are dropping a couple of colors, adding new jersey

The new Suns jerseys have not been revealed, but Jared Dudley gave us some hints.

Phoenix Suns Unveil Several "Sneak Peeks" at their 2013-14 Jerseys

Nike has taken over the jersey contract with the NBA, and is delivering brand new jerseys to all 30 teams this season. Some changes are minimal, not meant to indicate a re-design, while others will look markedly different.

Check and follow this article for the growing list of releases.

Here’s a reminder on the Suns current jerseys.

Gallery: More black and purple, less orange mark Phoenix Suns uniform and court updates

You can see the minor modifications since the first roll out in 2013 of the new design. They shifted the sleeves from the orange jersey to the gray one, and added gray and black designs.


Now the jerseys are getting a big makeover by Nike, the new sponsor.

Jared Dudley gave us some hints via twitter yesterday.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Getting rid of a couple of colors? Getting rid of a couple of colors??!?!?!

Currently, the Suns jersey colors are white, purple, black, gray and orange. The whites and purples are base colors, so the two colors being removed have to among gray, orange and black.

And then he confirmed that some of the “leaked” jerseys are definitely NOT real.

Nike is apparently releasing these on a slow burn. Who knows when the Suns day is. Maybe soon, since Jared has seen them now and everyone knows he can’t keep a secret lol.

Stay tuned!

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