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Things get a little breezy when #TheTimeline collides with 50 years of history

The Phoenix Suns are pushing the future AND the past this season. And the pictures are just a little bit scary.

Phoenix Suns show off new uniforms at Scottsdale Fashion Square

The timeline is bigger than you ever thought it was.

While the young Suns are embracing the concept of a multi-year rebuild with the hashtag #TheTimeline, the 50-year old franchise is going to honor its deepest roots with a 50-year old throwback jersey design.

Even the Suns’ self-proclaimed ‘yoda’ is excited about the direction of the team.

*Note: before you freak out, timeline cornerstone Dragan Bender is currently with his Croatian national team, which is why he doesn’t appear in this picture. He has NOT been traded and he is NOT boycotting breakfast.

These young pups are occasionally going to wear uniforms designed and worn before even many of their PARENTS were born.

Now imagine Josh Jackson scurrying down the court in a Connie Hawkins throwback uniform.

Think the team will go all the way and wear the short shorts too?

I still remember one time the LA Lakers wore throwbacks that included short shorts.

I also remember that at halftime they switched back to full-length shorts after complaining of their thighs being cold. LOL. It’s not easy bein’ breezy.

Here is brave Suns legend Eddie Johnson sporting the short shorts at a uni-reveal fashion show in 2013. Johnson played for the Suns during the Hornacek/KJ era from 1987-1991.

Phoenix Suns show off new uniforms at Scottsdale Fashion Square

Eddie’s still in great shape, but we can all see that tan line right above the knee buddy.

Thankfully, Tim Kempton and Alvan Adams declined to don the shorties too. Kempton, Adams, EJ, Mark West and Steven Hunter are among the former Suns who still work for the team all these years later. This summer, James Jones joined those ranks.

The two main designs of the new uniforms are going to be released this week, though the “classic” might not be revealed until later this month.

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