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Suns open tryouts are coming up

Have $150? Maybe you can be a part of the glorious history of #TheTimeline.

Do you have a jump shot you feel is halfway decent AND desperately need to rid yourself of $150? Then you, dear sir or madam, could be the newest member of the Phoenix Suns organization.

NBA G League superstardom could await you, and then who knows? Maybe you’re having virgin daiquiris on a tropical island with teammates from the big club after a surprisingly successful 35 win campaign.

Click on the link above and you can showcase your talents for $150. The prize that awaits is a shot with the Northern Arizona Suns, G League affiliate of the Phoenix Suns. If you show up day of and haven’t yet paid, they’re going to expect $200 before you show them Arizona’s greatest crossover.

The NAZ Suns are offering two opportunities to pursue your career aspirations. September 9th G League hopefuls should head to the Prescott Valley Event Center. A week later there will be another tryout in Phoenix. The location has yet to be determined.


  • Gym Attire
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch (we will have a break to eat but lunch will not be provided)
  • 8.5” x 11” headshot

This is not impossible. You can do this. Click here because there are a bunch of forms you have to fill out and you’re better off doing them before hand. There are limited spaces, so sign up now. Last season four guys got invites to the NAZ Suns training camp. It can happen.

Good luck.

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