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VIDEO: New Suns uniforms rumored to be “full redesign”

#TheTimeline deserves nothing less.

Memphis Grizzlies v Phoenix Suns

I am a supporter of creating as much distance as possible between today and most of the last seven years of Phoenix Suns basketball. I hope we agree.

That’s because it is a new day in Phoenix. We’ve got #TheTimeline and we’ve got new clothes to go with it. Nike has jersey duties this season for all 30 NBA clubs. Each team will be provided with four sets of uniforms, save for a lucky eight that will receive a fifth “Classic” jersey. That group includes the Suns.

On Tuesday Andrew Joseph of USA Today Sports tweeted out that unlike many of the other NBA teams, the new Nike Suns uniforms would be a “full redesign.”

Pretty exciting stuff. The Suns blessed us with a teaser video earlier in the day, quenching the early August thirst of a fan base ready to riot if they hear the name Kyrie Irving one more time.

I haven’t bought any new Suns gear in awhile so I’m looking forward to this reveal. Come back Thursday and let’s talk clothes. What would you definitely like to see and what should the Suns stay away from as they blast off into the future of basketball fashion?

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