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Phoenix Suns Ring of Dishonor Wrap-up

Should it be wrapped in TP?

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game One Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Many were nominated, only seven were chosen. I present to you the official Bright Side of the Sun Phoenix Suns “Ring of Dishonor”.

You voted them in, Suns fans, Robert Horry, Lance Blanks, The Morrii, The 80’s Drug Scandal Suns, Lakers Fans, Tim Donaghy and David Stern. There’s still an open seat (literally) at the table and perhaps it will find a worthy occupant eventually but for the foreseeable future it shall remain that way as the RoD nominations and voting are over.

But wait! At least two former nominees deserved a dishonorable mention as at least 51% of the voters said “yes” to their inclusion but they fell short of the 67% required for induction into the Ring of Dishonor.

Some readers had fun with this and some didn’t. Either way, all of us at BSotS hope you...

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