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Solar Panel, ep. 32: Suns season preview rolls on with questions 40-31

The Solar Panel: A Phoenix Suns Show

Welcome to another episode of The Solar Panel!

The guys preview the Phoenix Suns season answering another set of 10 hot, burning questions (40-31) that inquiring minds want to know.

We discuss all the roster commotion over the past few days including

  • what to expect from guys we knew were coming (Alec Peters, Peter Jok, and Alex Len), to guys we didn't (Anthony Bennett and Troy Daniels)
  • how Alan Williams’ injury affects the rotation
  • why Dave thinks the Suns should intro to the sultry sounds of Adele
  • and much more!!

As always, you can follow Dave (@DaveKingNBA), Greg (@Espo) and Tim (@RadioTimNBA) on twitter.

Give The Solar Panel a follow as well @SunsSolarPanel and check out all of our episodes on the Almighty Baller network:

Or, listen right here on Bright Side.

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