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TBT: The 1992 Phoenix Suns Uniforms that never were

I think that they picked the right design back then


I don't think that there are any Suns fans that didn't love those 90's uniforms. They are still the iconic Suns uni in my mind and always bring back sweet memories of the 1992-93 season and the Suns run to the NBA Finals.

But those uniforms were only one of several designs that the Suns were considering back then. Can you imagine that team wearing any of these uniform designs?

And if they had worn any of these designs, would how the team played in them that season made us love them as much or more than the unis that they actually did wear?

I'm not really certain.

But these weren't the only options that the Suns considered back then and there is a gallery on where you can check out all of them.

As I said, I think that the Suns made the right choice but what do you think? Did any of the alternative designs catch your eye?

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