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Pictures and videos: Bright Side Night a huge success for kids, donors

We had a great interview with James Jones and met some of the kids postgame on the Suns practice court.

What a night!

Who cares what happened on the court in the Suns v.s Pacers game on Sunday night. That’s not the point here.

The point is that so many excited kids and local ticket donors had a great time interacting with each other before, during and after the game.

Bright Side Night 2017-18 rocked.

We got mentioned on the Fox Sports Indiana broadcast, as well as Suns twitter.

Pacers fans of our brother site chipped in 110 of the 2,100 tickets. Thanks folks!!

One of the sections with the kids. We had kids in half dozen different sections that night, and they were super engaged and loud.

Dave’s fam.

Post game on the Suns’ practice court. It’s a regulation size court deep in the bowels of the arena. We got half an hour to shoot around and talk and take pictures.

All right, onto Suns topics.

The interview with James Jones was awesome. He spent nearly an hour with a few dozen of us in the Dick Van Arsdale Conference Room, answering any and all questions we had.

James Jones joined the Suns this past summer after 15 years in the NBA, the last seven of which he went to the NBA Finals. Jones reached either the Conference Finals or NBA Finals with four different teams in his career - Pacers, Suns, Heat and Cavaliers.

Here are some snippets of that conversation, courtesy of Brendon Kleen.

On his playing days with LeBron James.

On the Suns now and in the future.

On team building - going from losing to winning with the right players.

Thanks James!

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