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Report: Kidd pulled amateur stunt on his way out of Milwaukee

He really wants to be the next head coach of your Phoenix Suns. Allegedly.

Toronto Raptors v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Let me learn you something, millennials. I know you’re having a rough go of it, what with the keeping a job, and buying a house, and what have you. I read the Twitter.

Well, there are some things you can do to help improve your situation, or at least not make your situation worse. Not leaving your current job until you have a new job, that’s a good one. Even better, don’t trash your current job to your coworkers, and you probably shouldn’t speak openly about how you’re looking for new work.

That’s the behavior Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times is reporting that the now former Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd engaged in as his tenure in Wisconsin came to a close.

Woelfel writes:

Kidd’s strained relations with so many players reached a breaking point in recent weeks when he publicly pointed fingers for the Bucks’ underachieving ways this season at his “kids’’ and the team’s youth, which some NBA observers interpreted as a veiled shot at Bucks general manager Jon Horst. Not once in recent weeks did Kidd blame himself for the team’s woes.

That hardly seems like competent leadership. Woelfel reports that Kidd ran his mouth about wanting the Phoenix Suns coaching position. Glass half full - how many other basketball people do you hear want to work in Phoenix?

Coinciding with the erosion of his influence in the organization, several NBA sources told me Kidd wanted out of Milwaukee and was interested in the head coaching job with the Phoenix Suns.

No, no. That’s not good at all. That’s not how you handle yourself in the workplace. I’m certain of it. I mean if you want to pursue a job in Phoenix, that’s cool, but you have to be smarter about it.

Some speculated Kidd was paranoid that he was going to be fired. Some thought Kidd was using it as a ploy to leverage a new contract while some thought Kidd simply didn’t like Milwaukee, that the mid-sized Midwest city wasn’t a bright enough stage for him. Kidd not only remained in Milwaukee but, to the amazement of many league officials, received a contract extension from the Bucks owners.

Is Phoenix that brighter of a stage than Milwaukee? I really don’t know. Give Woelfel’s article a read, there’s plenty more to read about the next head coach of your Phoenix Suns.

That’s a joke. Chill out. Have a good weekend.

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