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Watch: Booker posts Suns first 30 point, 10 assist game in a year

In his second start at point guard this season, Devin Booker scored 31 while dishing 10 assists against Houston on Sunday afternoon.

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker had a rough week in many ways, but returned to his best form on Sunday afternoon in Houston playing primarily opposite James Harden while Chris Paul focused on Troy Daniels.

Booker had 31 points on 52% shooting (including 5 of 9 threes), 10 assists and 3 rebounds while only having 3 turnovers and 3 personal fouls - a feat considering he often had to defend the foul-generating Beard.

With the 10 assists, Booker posted his second double-digit assist game of the season and fourth of his three year career.

The 31 points marks his 16th 30+ point game in only his 40th game of the season.

If you’re curious...

Eric Bledsoe (1), Brandon Knight (1) and Goran Dragic (3) each posted at least one 30/10 game for the point guard position since Steve Nash (15) left the scene in 2012.

In the past from this point guard factory of a franchise, Stephon Marbury (7), Elliot Perry (2) and Charlie Scott (3) all posted 30/10s but Kevin Johnson blows them all away with 39 of the franchise’s 85 such games.

Paul Westphal (1), Alvan Adams (3), Walter Davis (2), Connie Hawkins (1) and Jeff Hornacek (2) also sprinkled some 30/10 games from different positions.

Watch Booker post his first 30/10 game.

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