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ESPN has an idea to move Tyson Chandler

Does Cleveland do the deal?

Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

It is January, Phoenix Suns fans. That means that the 2017-18 season is actually over and we can start talking about the future. We seem to do that a lot these days. Remember the playoffs? I remember the playoffs. We were last there the year after Barack Obama became President. Dennis Hopper was still alive. George Steinbrenner, too. Also, Manute Bol. Time Magazine picked Sarah Palin as the most over-reported story of the year.

So it’s been awhile. But we are so very close to turning this around, right guys? Tyson Chandler likely doesn’t fit as part of our long-term solution. ESPN has an idea of what to do with the veteran of 17 NBA seasons.

The focus of the article from their NBA Insiders was what the Cleveland Cavaliers can do to get LeBron James some help at the trade deadline. Andre Snellings suggests the Suns sen Chandler to Cleveland for Channing Frye, Jeff Green, Jose Calderon, and Miami’s 2020 second-round pick. Why do the Cavs do the deal?

Chandler would be the defensive center Cleveland needs, and another veteran presence with championship experience, leadership and a voice that would demand respect in the locker room. The Suns have little need for Chandler, a veteran player at the stage of his career where he’s most useful to contending teams.

Hmmmm. Well, those sound like pretty desirable attributes. Why does Snelling think Phoenix says yes?

The Cavaliers could send Frye, Green and Calderon, all on expiring contracts, to Phoenix, without losing a lot. To sweeten the pot and give the Suns more than just cap relief, the Cavs would add a pick -- Miami’s 2020 second-rounder, or perhaps even their own 2018 late-first-round pick.

Do you ever read so much Suns stuff, and read some more, and listen to podcasts, and talk with your buddies, and you start to think, “Does any of this really matter?” No? Just me? I wish we were close to being back in the playoffs.

What do you think? Do you do the deal with Cleveland? Would Cleveland do that deal with Phoenix? Let’s discuss all this and more in the comment section below. Go Suns Go.

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