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Locked On Suns Thursday: Recapping the loss in Denver, and how important is the 2018 draft to this core?

On today’s episode of Locked On Suns, Evan is joined by special guest, Bright Side’s managing editor/resident site overlord, Dave King!

This was a fun one, as we recapped the loss in Denver but then we also explored a multitude of topics.

  • When will Greg Monroe be off the roster?
  • Did we expect this jump from Devin Booker in Year 3?
  • If Dave was in general manager Ryan McDonough’s shoes, what would he do to get Booker some help?
  • Has Marquese Chriss finally turned the corner after a career-best 5-game stretch?
  • How important is the 2018 draft class to this core’s future? Would you rather see them win 30 games with Booker or fall off to get a top 3 pick? (Dave brought up how Booker and Deandre Ayton could be a new age Kobe-Shaq and now it’s stuck in my head.)
  • Expectations for the season’s second half with Phoenix

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