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Bright Side Night: Pre-game meetup details!

BSotS fans are meeting at 2:30 at the The Park, before the Suns-Pacers game on Sunday, January 14

Let’s get together before Bright Side Night!

Justin and Paul, the hosts of the ‘By the Fans; For the Fans’ podcast, are hosting an informal meet up prior to Bright Side Night on Sunday, January 14, 2018.

We thought it would be fun to offer an opportunity for those who donated enough to Bright Side Night to receive tickets to the game to get together and get to know each other a bit. We have secured some space at The Park ( starting at 2:30 pm.

Of course, if you’re a BSotS reader going to the game through any method, we’d love to have you stop by too!

Important Note: We are only organizing the space at The Park, each attendee will be responsible for their own tab.

We can hang out and get to know each other before we head over to Talking Stick Resort Arena to the meet and greet with James Jones and then watch the Suns play the Pacers.

So we can ensure that we have enough space for those who want to attend, we have put together a quick survey to get a headcount. Please click on the link below and let us know if you plan on attending, and how many guests you plan on bringing.

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.

Go Suns!

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