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Recap: Poor shooting Suns lose to Bulls, 124-116

The Suns didn’t play with the intensity they showed in Philly and they paid for it with another loss.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we didn’t get the starting lineup that most fans wanted (Booker, Bridges, Ariza, Warren & Ayton) but that really wasn’t the reason for the loss. The Bulls just out shot the Suns from the field and from three tonight. The Suns actually had 17 more field goal attempts than the Bulls (98 to 81) but couldn’t connect on enough of them to make that difference count.

Devin Booker led the Suns with 23 points and 6 assits. T.J. Warren had 21 points and Deandre Ayton had 18 points and 12 rebounds. Ayton had 14 points in the first half and wasn’t really a factor in the second. Zach LaVine had 29 points for the Bulls and Jabari Parker had a near triple-double with 20 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists.

The Bulls hit 56.8% of their field goal attempts verses 49% for the Suns. What really hurt the Suns was the discrepancy from beyond the arc. The Bulls connected on 44% of their three point attempts while the Suns hit only 29.4% of their threes.

The Suns were also badly beaten at the free throw line again as the Bulls hit on 21 of 24 attempts while the Suns only made it to the FT line 10 times (they did hit all 10 though).

1st Quarter

Bulls win the tip. Have the Suns won a tip this season?

Bulls score first after a couple of misfires by both teams. Another turnover by the Suns but a nice block by Warren but it leads to nothing for the Suns. Bulls up 4-0.

The Suns do not look sharp early in the game. They already have 2 turnovers and an early shooting foul. Bulls up 6-2.

Now 8-6 with all 6 of the Suns’ points scored by Ayton.

Ariza with a 3! Suns suddenly take the lead 9-8! Nice little run by the Suns as Chicago calls time at 7:42.

Booker, Canaan and Warren have yet to take a shot.

Ayton is playing aggressive early.

Book for 3 and the Suns are up 12-8! The Bulls score quickly on the other end and it’s 12-10. Suns turn over the ball again on the other end.

The Bulls hit a 3 and take the lead but Canaan answers with one of his own to take the lead back! Warren fouled on a shot attempt and hits two from the line to put the Suns up 17-13.

Josh Jackson in and he scores! Suns up 19-13.

The Bulls aren’t hitting their shots now and Warren hits a 2 to put the Suns up 21-13. Timeout with 3:32 to go. Suns shooting 50% from the field and from three. The Bulls are shooting 33.3% and 20% respectively.

RoLo comes in and scores two for the Bulls.

Aytonis leading the Suns with 8 points and 7 rebounds with 1:12 left to go in the first. 23-17 Suns.

Book blocked by Lopez and the teams trade baskets. Now 25-20 Suns.

Warren with a three! But Payne hits a three at the buzzer to answer.

Suns up 28-25 at the end of the 1st.

Ayton leads the Suns in scoring with 8. Ryan Arcidiacono leads the Bulls with 8.

2nd Quarter

Former Suns Shaquille Harrison is in to start the 2nd Q. Bulls score first to tie the game but Suns get the lead back quickly.

Kokoskov calls a timeout as the Bulls start heating up from three and take a 35- 33 lead at 9:47.

The game is tied 37-37 at 8:10 with a lot of subs in for both teams. Shaq Harrison put the Bulls up by two after hitting two free throws. Game tied again at 39.

Neither team is looking especially sharp tonight.

Ayton now has 12 as the Suns go up 46-41.

The Suns are lucky that they aren’t playing a better team tonight. They don’t look as aggressive as they have been but the Bulls haven’t been able to take advantage of it.

Timeout with 3:36 to go in the half with the Suns up 54-49.

Suns go to “Point Book” after the TO. Book now has 14 points.

Harrison gets a steal against Booker and the Bulls cut the Suns’s lead to 59-57.

Warren finishes an out of control looking drive! How does he do that?

LaVine hits a buzzer beater at the end of the half but the suns still lead 69-64.

This is the highest scoring half for the Suns this season.

At the Half

Only five turnovers for the Suns in the first half but the Bulls only have the same number so no advantage there for either team.

The Suns are shooting 57.1% from the field and 37.5% from three. The Bulls are outshooting them though hitting 57.5% of their FGs and 46.2% of their threes. The Suns are leading only because they have taken 9 more shots then the Bulls.

Booker and Ayton both have 14 points for the Suns. LaVine and Jabari Parker lead the Bulls with 11 each. Booker also has 5 assits and Ayton has 7 rebounds.

Fouls are roughly the same with the Suns having 10 and The Bulls with 11. The turnovers are in favor of the Suns for a change, 5 to 9.

3rd Quarter

A fast start to the 3rd with the Suns up 79-72 at 8:50.

Some sloppy play by the Suns and the Bulls quickly cut the Suns’ lead to 79-76 prompting a timeout by the Suns.

The Bulls are putting up a great fight and go on an 11-0 run before Warren finally stops the bleeding.

After two Booker free throws, the game is tied at 83.

The Bulls are just outplaying the Suns right now an have gone up 91-87 at 3:52.

Suns fight back and cut the Bulls’ lead to 2. 91-89 Bulls lead.

The Bulls have hit on 63.6% of their shots so far and 55.6% from three.

The Bulls now have six players in double figures. The Suns have four.

94-93 Bulls lead at the end of the 3rd quarter. The Suns had several chances to take the lead but none of their shots/putback attempts went in before the quarter ended.

4th Quarter

The Bulls are just out shooting the Suns tonight and they are now up 103-97.

Suns 8 of 28 from three tonight so far. Bulls are 10 of 20 from three.

Bulls now up 107-97.

Suns close to 111-108 with 4:34 to play. Bulls call timeout.

The Bulls are getting to the free throw line more than the Suns and are hitting those too. Suns are 9 for 9 at the FT line but the Bulls are 16 for 18.

Bulls now ahead 117-108 with 2:21 left to play.

Suns get a few stops and cut the lead to 119-116 with 38.3 left to play following a three by Warren.

Bulls get an easy two and the Suns fail to answer. 123-116 Bulls with 10.3 seconds to go after LaVine make two free throws.

Suns fail to score and foul quickly but it’s pointless by now.

This game is over.

Bulls win 124-116.

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