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Sure, there are things Suns fans should be thankful for

Espo’s weekly #BSoftheSuns comes to us on turkey day. Gobble it up!

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You know the scene in Shawshank Redemption -- SPOILER ALERT -- where Andy is climbing through the sewer to freedom from the prison? The last eight-plus years for Suns fans have been that scene minus coming out on the other end to the cleansing rain.

It’s been the most rough, maddening, disheartening and words that haven’t even been invented yet to express frustration time for the Phoenix faithful. A long dark tunnel that started with Steve Nash at point guard and has, thanks to many twists and turns, dropped us off at Isaiah Canaan. A journey that has seen six head coaches, three different uniform designs and television play by play guys, two general managers, one winning season and no playoff appearances.

Chaos has reigned supreme. The saving grace? The passionate fan base that hasn’t left despite being treated about as well as Nic Cage has treated the second half of his career.

While things have looked and continue to look bleak, that doesn’t mean we should ignore the spirit of this time of year. Instead let’s embrace it and slap some lipstick on this pig.

Here are a few things we have to be thankful for as Suns fans.

The City of Phoenix

If reports are to be believed, the Phoenix City Council is on the verge of approving $150 million in renovations for Talking Stick Resort Arena to keep the Suns in downtown. Sure, that means that Robert Sarver gets a like brand new building for only $80 million of his own money or about half of what he’ll pay Devin Booker in his new contract extension despite doing nothing to deserve it.

Regardless of how you feel about publicly funding arenas at the expense of other civic amenities, we should be thankful that the city will save us from a messy dispute and the potential threat of the Suns leaving not just downtown, but the state of Arizona overall. After the drought we’ve been through, that would have potentially be the worst ending of all.

Devin Booker

One of six players with a 70+ point game in NBA history. A 3-point shootout championship at All-Star weekend. Numerous game winning shots.

Book has been the only thing keeping the hope of the Suns reinventing themselves alive. He’s the closest thing we’ve had to a true star since Steve Nash became a double-agent taking down the Lakers from the inside. Not to mention he’s been one of the few things that has made the last few seasons entertaining.

Al McCoy

In life there are very few things that connect you directly to your youth as you get older. Many long for just a little taste of what it was once like. Mr. McCoy is that for Suns fans. He’s the guy you listened to describe the games when you were in bed as a kid and that you listen to call the game as you drive around town as an adult. He’s been the soundtrack of every great moment in Suns history. While logos, uniforms, coaches, players, arenas and even owners have changed, he’s been there for it all. :Let’s not take him for granted. Let’s be thankful for the fact that we have at least one hall of famer around this team.

Dragan Bender

Yeah, you probably are thinking I’m crazy but I promise, at least about this, I’m not. We should all be thankful for Bender because when you’re having a bad day at work you can simply think about him and realize there is someone in the world having a much worse day at work than you.

Happy Thanksgiving, Suns fans!

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