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Dear Adam Silver, please save the Suns

In this week’s #BSOfTheSuns Espo addresses the Sarver threats

2015 NBA Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Dear Commissioner Silver,

It’s me, the Suns. You remember me. I used to be the one of the Crown Jewels of the NBA. I hosted the 1975, 1995 and 2009 NBA All-Star games. I’ve been to two NBA Finals, signed the first unrestricted free agent in 1988 in Tom Chambers, was the home to Sir Charles and the Purple Gang From Phoenix, not to mention the most unique jerseys in the 1990s and revolutionized offensive basketball in the 2000s. I know I’ve been quiet for the better part of a decade and for your entire tenure as commissioner. For that I’m sorry.

See, I got into this new relationship back in 2004. The kind of relationship where you’re promised a ring but it never materializes. The kind of relationship that is exciting and new until you realize who you’re really with. Once the honeymoon phase wore off though I quickly realized I found myself living with someone who had the temperament of a two year old. And not the well behaved kind either. He was passionate, irrational, impulsive, temperamental and prone to outbursts.

I could put up with it for awhile. Even convinced myself he had my best interest at heart. That was until he crossed a line. That’s why I’m writing you for help.

See, my home in the City of Phoenix means everything to me. I was born here. Grew up here. My fifty year love affair has afforded me the opportunity to watch this wonderful desert oasis transform from a sleepy cowboy town to a thriving metropolis. We’ve grown together, laughed to together, cried together and experienced every single emotion you could possibly imagine together. The residents of this fine city and state have stayed by my side through thick and the unusually thin of the last few years. But that may change quickly.

That’s because Bob, who I’m with, threatened to move me away from all I’ve known. All I’m familiar with and all who love me. Why would he do such a thing you ask? Simply because he wasn’t getting his way.

Is it an empty threat? Hopefully. I can’t imagine my guardians, aka the NBA Board of Governors, would ever vote to allow the move but even the thought of it is hurtful. I know for a fact it’s putting a strain on my relationship with my beloved fans.

It couldn’t come at a worst time. It’s the season of giving but all he seems to be giving is the bird to Phoenix. Not only is he threatening to leave, but for the third year in a row he’s putting one of the worst teams the league has ever seen on the court. The team is in chaos as last year he fired the coach three games in and this year the GM nine days before the season started and replaced him with James Jones. James seems like a nice guy but I’m not convinced he’s equipped with the skills to get it done.

It makes me miss my old friend Jerry. The man who helped bring me here in the first place. A man who was with me for 35+ years. I heard you helped facilitate his most recent relationship in Philadelphia when they found themselves down on their luck. Must be nice. Is there anything you might be willing to do to help me out like that?

I understand that my home is slightly outdated and in need of some upgrades. Believe me, I’d like some more room to stretch my metaphorical legs and have the fancier amenities all the other teams brag about but I want that in Phoenix and not anywhere else and I don’t want it at the expense of those in the city who have helped me so much already. Heck, I’m even willing to bring back my old roommate, the Arizona Coyotes, to pay the rent if it gets things to a better place. I’m just not sure Bob would go for it.

I guess what I’m saying Mr. Silver is simply this. I need your help. Phoenix needs your help. It’s time for you to step in and do something to help us the way you did in Philadelphia or your predecessor David did in New Orleans. Things are bad and heading to worse, which I didn’t think was possible.

I need your help before it’s too late and I’m either ironically living as the Suns in Seattle or drowning my sorrows in a cold one in Sin City on the strip and Phoenix is left all alone without its original franchise.


The Suns ‘68

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