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Brian Scalabrine takes disturbing shot at a fallen T.J. Warren during Celtics-Suns broadcast

Scalabrine, a former Celtics player, should be reprimanded in some way for this gross comment.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Clippers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Since I'm out of town visiting family for the holiday, I have been unable to watch Fox Sports Arizona. The past two games I’ve been subjected to overly-biased road broadcasts, which made it clear to me how great Eddie Johnson and Kevin Ray are at their jobs.

During the tightly contested game which the Phoenix Suns ended up winning 111-103, Brian Scalabrine not only lied about watching Deandre Ayton in college — saying he’s never seen him shoot midrange jumpers before and comparing his offensive game to Andre Drummond — but made one of the more gross comments you can make as a broadcaster.

Arguably, it’s a comment that should take money out of your pockets.

Scalabrine, a former Celtics player, openly joked (I don’t even think it was a joke) about how as long as Kyrie Irving got up from the play, that’s all that matters.

“As long as Kyrie got up, I’m cool with it,” Scalabrine said as Warren laid on the ground writhing in pain after hitting his head hard on the hardwood at TD Garden.

Are you serious, Scalabrine? What are you doing saying that? Even if you are trying to make a joke to Celtics president Wyc Grousbeck, who was sitting next to him all throughout the second quarter, it seems like it didn’t work. After a second or two of awkward silence, Grousbeck quickly pivoted to talking about Ayton’s potential.

Following along with the reaction on social media last night to Scalabine’s comment, it was no surprise that Boston fans ran to his defense. However, if you look outside the biased market, everyone was slamming the former NBA benchwarmer. Even though it was few and far between, I noticed some Celtics supporters even asking for Scalabrine to apologize.

So far, we have not heard from Scalabrine or the Celtics on this situation. Here’s hoping that changes soon, because nobody should be able to say that about a fallen player who could have been severely injured at that moment in time.

Do better, and make sure to apologize on the next broadcast as well, Mr. Scalabrine.

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