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Solar Panel, ep. 106: You can’t buy leadership and culture

The Suns won some games!!

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Ever wanted to watch Tim, Dave and Greg recording the podcast about the Suns!?! This week, you can watch or listen.

The overall theme of the show is one of positivity and joy over a 4-game winning streak!

Some specific topics:

  • Suns cutting Austin Rivers
  • Suns veteran leadership and how you can’t buy culture
  • Interim co-GM James Jones (so far) penchant for dumping guys who don’t want to be here before they become a problem
  • Greg’s mea culpa: We were wrong about Jamal Crawford
  • And Ryan Anderson is pretty great on that front too
  • Can Deandre Ayton be the Rookie of the Year or does it already belong to Doncic?

Watch the first 20 minutes of our brand new weekly podcast right now!

Or listen to the whole 60+ minutes here.

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