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Last Call! Just $9 sends two kids to Suns-Kings on Bright Side Night

It’s a fast food meal for you, but a lifetime of memory for a deserving, underprivileged kid. Donate now!


Just do it now:

At this point, the only people clicking this link are those who have procrastinated for months and just realized thanks to the article title that you’re running out of time.

Now’s the time. Send two more kids to the Suns vs. Kings game on January 8 for the measly donation of $9.00.

That’s lunch for you. It’s a lifetime of memories for a pair of underprivileged kids.

These kids need this. They need some extra joy in a life that hasn’t given a lot to them. We focus on organizations who care about kids who need caring, about families who don’t have a lot of good things happening in their lives.

Just do it now:

Also, this is a great way to check off your 2018 New Year Resolution to give back, or volunteer or donate more to needy folks. You can have peace of mind for only a few bucks!

We have to stop taking donations on New Year’s Eve to give the Suns time to distribute all the tickets.

We are almost at 2,000 tickets donated so far, which is great, but there are tens of thousands more kids underprivileged kids who deserve a chance to go to a game. We sent 800 in 2015, then 1,200, then 2,100 last year! Let’s keep this going!

Every $9 sends TWO more kids to the game, because the Suns are matching every single donation from here on out!

Donate now:

It’s only $4.50 per kid!

See what the kids get on January 8, 2019


  • All kids can come in early to watch warmup from premium seats near the court
  • Throw out some custom Bright Side Night T-shirts to the crowd
  • Working to have a player or two swing by to say hello (no confirmation yet)
  • Photos with Suns Dancers in Gorilla Greenhouse

Game Time:

  • They get to watch an NBA game!
  • In-game Bright Side Night announcement(s), spotlights and cheers for the kids
  • More T-shirts thrown to the crowd


  • Shoot-around on the main Suns court for approximately 100 guests — for kids and donors who are at the game!

Donate now

Pull out the credit/debit card right now. It’s such a small donation to make a HUGE difference in kids’ lives.

  • Click this link to donate:
  • It’s $9 for TWO tickets. All of it goes to them. No extra fees or charges.
  • Fill out the one-page form to select the number of tickets you want to donate, and how you’re going to pay
  • You will get a confirmation email directly from the Suns about the ticket donation

That’s it!


There’s always something for donors!

(for out-of-towners, of course you can re-donate your own winnings to send even MORE kids to the game and/or give them the VIP experience)

  • Every TWO tickets you donate enters your name into a raffle for a VIP experience (two PREMIUM tickets to a game, pregame courtside access for warmups and a signed ball)
  • $90 = 10 kids go, PLUS you get a pair of upper-level tickets for yourself
  • $225 = 25 kids go, PLUS you get a pair of lower-level tickets for yourself
  • $450 = 50 kids go, PLUS you get a pair of lower level tickets for yourself AND a second pair of lower level tickets to another game this year

Plus, for those two are going to the game:

  • Anyone who attends the game, just find me to get your own custom Bright Side Night T-shirt (cover art on this article), designed by Suns fan Craig Hamil
  • Anyone who attends the game that donated 10+ tickers gets to stay late and shoot around after the game on the Suns court

Donate now!

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